Photos from our Trip: Nothing But Blue Skies

More photos from our trip. Oh gosh, it's even rejuvenating just to look at them on my computer screen! Sweet vacation bliss. And while I've outed myself now as a flower-lover and a blue sky dreamer, I made this collection here for you because of the blue. Yes, I often manipulate my TTV photos in Photoshop (It's part of the mystique with creating vintage moods and altered nostalgia, I can't help myself!) but this time I actually didn't manipulate the colors at all. The sky was really that blue. And the big puffy clouds... swoon, swoon.


  1. design for mankind stole my adjective! GORGEOUS! how incredibly satiating. blue and blue and blue and cerulean. calm. love these.
    also, thank you for your road trip suggestions!

  2. Anonymous6/20/2008

    you could print these out, frame them, and make a little cluster on your wall, they'd be a great collection!

  3. Shauna6/20/2008

    yes she could, sarah! and then she could put them in her etsy shop!

  4. dear friends, i think i'm blushing. 117 thanks for your super kind words. truly. it means so much...

  5. Such a beautiful string of photographs...


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