Photos & Poems & Rambling Ways

We're back! And here's the summary of my thoughts about our week unplugged and out-of-town: If you are considering a summer vacation then please just do it! Wow. I forget how "productive" my thoughts become when I'm vacating. How the creative synapses seem to reform and suddenly I have answers to questions I've been carrying around for weeks (like new binding ideas for the TTV projects, poem sequencing for my manuscript, new letterpress print layouts, and interior decorating inspirations). It was magical, we'd be rambling down the road one minute and the next minute I'd have a clear idea of how to move forward with one of my projects. Oh, the power of a vacating mind to gain perspective! Amen.

Our trip went something like this:
  • Camping in the Umpqua River Valley in Southern Oregon which included campfires and whiskey by night and a blissful set of hot springs by day. Good grief.
  • Trekking up to Portland for a handful of incredible meals, amazing junking and browsing (I had no idea the SE district is a junker's dream for vintage furniture and quirky used goods), and a few delightful day trips with friends.
  • A doubly-delightful stay at Crater Lake and a perfect clear day to see the lake reflections and hike in the snow wearing sun hats and t-shirts!
I took over 300 photographs (yikes) on our trip and so, needless to say, I'm currently editing through the batch, cropping TTVs, and preparing to share some images in the upcoming posts. Seems I'm all about poems and photos these days (oh, outside summertime creations) but I'm also sketching designs for new letterpress prints and working out the glitches to a few new bookbindings. And, oh! I bought two packs of Polaroid film and I'm headed outside now to catch some dreamy evening light. How was your week? I missed you.


  1. oh it sounds amazing. are you ready to move to portland yet??? don't you love southeast and LOVE the farm cafe??

  2. Can't WAIT to see your photos! :)

  3. Shauna6/17/2008

    welcome home, love bug! i love to feel that spaciousness in your words.

  4. thanks for the warm welcome home, dear friends! and kelly rae, yes i do adore portland and the farm cafe was delightful. i think portland is fast becoming my new favorite city...eek!

  5. I agree, the Farm Cafe is pretty amazing. Welcome back!

  6. welcome back, lovely! your trip sounds like it was incredibly rejuvenating.
    kevin and phoenix and i are driving up to portland in a few weeks, and will also be camping at lake siskiyou. do you have any more suggestions for us tourists?
    o - hot springs!

  7. dearest melissa, hooray for your family vacation! yes, i loved the southeast area and would recommend brunch at the cricket on belmont st., stop in at "noun" (my dream store come true), and then wander se hawthorne street. also, the farm cafe was incredible (link in post). and, poet, you might want to check out the epic powell's bookstore in downtown. and the rose garden in washington park is a great overlook. also the short drive out to the gorge and the columbia river offered some nice hikes. if you are camping, we found great camping near crater lake and all along the umpqua river valley en route. and the hot springs are not to be missed if you are on the umpqua river. it's kid friendly too! you can also ask my friend, kelly rae, (she commented above) as she's a portlander with great tips for travel. so glad you are taking a vacation... xoxo, k.


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