Tumbling Pink

I'm still sifting through the many photos I took on our Oregon trip a few weeks ago, but I did manage to get out into the neighborhood and take some new photos this weekend. There's a huge bougainvillea bush right in front of our living room window and I'd been marveling at the blossoms and meaning to photograph it for weeks. The landlord's have trained the branches to travel up one side of the window frame and then arc in a somewhat epic spill over the top of the window and reach for the other side. When the plant gets super overgrown, the pink flowers dangle down in front of our window and create a dreamy border of sorts. So it's because of that spilling motion that I named this photo, "Tumbling Pink".


  1. Lovely bolg... i love it.

  2. great color and I love how the corner fades to white - makes the photo seem to meander onto the page

  3. thank you, tito, kelly, erin, and cheryl! your kind comments keeping me coming back for more. xoxo,k.


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