100... and a 1/2

(Weeds at the River's Edge. Umpqua River, Oregon.)

This post makes me more than 100. Gosh, I'm getting up there. THANK YOU for all your kind words in my last post. The giveaway winner will be drawn on Friday morning so be sure to post a comment in the previous post if you want to be entered. I'm quite excited about making this giveaway package and quite certain there will be some new ephemera and/or art included. And I love making packages to give away and I can't wait to see who wins. Yeehaw!

So today is my 1/2 birthday. Yup, my 1/2 birthday. And if you do the math you will realize that my whole birthday is on New Year's Day. Yup, January 1st. And this general post-Christmas, post-New Year's Eve lackluster inspired my dear Mama to create a second more vibrant celebration on July 1. Don't get me wrong, my Mother would be mortified. She was a bit of a Betty Crocker type (bless her and the lineage of craftiness) and she always baked a cake on New Year's Day, had a present or two wrapped in super cute paper, and even convinced my grandparents to bring their cute dogs over for a round of Happy Birthday. But the July 1st celebration involved friends and pizza and general girlie rowdiness. And so, today I turn 1/2! Any other holiday birthdays out there?

So! This is to say that my last post marked 100 and this post marks my 1/2 so I think that officially makes me 100 and 1/2! Okay, the math doesn't quite work out. But still. Oh, and one last thing. I just uploaded a bunch of non-TTV photos to my Flickr site if you want to take a peek. And with that, Happy Tuesday dear friends.


  1. Eek!!! I'm so excited for you, Katrina dear! :)

  2. oh lovey! happy half! I was just trying to get my birthday's in order, how did you know? xxxxoooo

    half of one hundred
    ain't it twenty-five times two
    gift: a 50's dress

  3. Marcie7/02/2008

    A very merry un-birthday to you! My 1/2 birthday is Christmas Eve. Congrats on the publication!

  4. Shauna7/02/2008

    to ice cream cones and swimming pools and all things half birthday-ish!

  5. Shauna7/03/2008

    i forgot to say that i love this photo of the flowering plantain.

    i love this photo of the flowering plantain.

  6. thank you for the 1/2 birthday/ unbirthday wishes. very sweet of you.

    and shauna, perhaps you can be my freelance naturalist?!?


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