And the Winner is...

(My new sponsor ad, per Kelly Rae's blog.)

Urban Prairie's Chris Brown, you won the giveaway! I will assemble a package of "Made by Katrina" prints from my Etsy shop and I'll also add a few pieces of ephemera and/or small new works. And I wish I had some cracked doll heads to send you but they are not currently in my collection. But, there's a flea market in town on Sunday, so you just never know! And I'd also like you to pick two photos from my blog or my recently reorganized Flickr site and I will print them up for you. This is a very first test-step for me preparing photos for my shop.

For those of you who know Urban Prairie or Urban Prairie REFUELED or the REFUELED magazine, I'm guessing you already love his work. But for those of you who don't know Chris then head on over to his sites and check him out--alternative country inspiration and amazing graphic designs. Cheers, Chris! And thank you for your readership.

Happy July 4th, dear friends. I'm heading over to a friend's warehouse in Oakland where we will climb through the window of her sister's painting studio and perch on the rooftop to watch fireworks explode over the freeway and across the bay while a small host of illegal neighborhood explosives launch in the streets very nearby where we parked our truck! Phew. Somehow, it's always a perfect Oakland celebration. So happy picnics to the American readers and happy Friday to readers around the globe. See you soon.


  1. hey there...my name's tre and i just recently joined blogher :) i'm trying to read as many blogs posted there as i can and say hey and hope to meet you at blogher 08....your work is simple elegance to me....from what i can see so far. how were the fireworks? how much fun to see them via a roof in oakland. when i used to live in the bay area, we'd go to the berkeley hills...off some road that's the last exit you can take off 24 just before the tunnel....heading from walnut creek...hmm..can't remember.

    well, happy creating and hope to meet you sometime, tre :)

  2. oh chris...you lucky boy.

  3. tre, thanks for dropping in and thanks for your kind words about my little blog.

    kelly, your comment made me giggle. there will be another giveaway soon and thanks for your readership dear camp indigo. truly.

  4. Katrina-
    Wow! How cool! Sorry for the late response - I've been away for a short break.

    I would be honored if YOU would choose the two photos to be printed. I would love your favorite pieces.

    Can't wait to receive my winnings!
    Thanks much. Peace & Love.

    P.S. Please send me your email address at chrisbrowndesigns@charter.net and I'll enclose my mailing address.

  5. chris,

    no worries about the delay! now that i have your mailing address i will begin to assemble your package and send it over to texas soon. thank you for your readership and kind comments along the way. and cheers to you my dear new friend.


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