Darling Dear Polaroid: Urban Garden

Urban garden is today's theme in the Polaroid week-a-thon. I realize that many of my photographs could slip right into the "urban garden" category or just into the "garden" category as of late. Alas! Today, I offer up the urban roses and poppies and gardening sheds and Adirondack chairs and potted herbs.

I mentioned the phrase, urban homesteading, sometime last week but I'm not sure I really elaborated on it quite enough. It's a new phrase to me and one (like the term "junker") which I identified with the instant I read it. In this urban garden post of Polaroids I also hereby declare myself an urban homesteader! Hence: the obsessions with urban gardens, recycling and junking, and most recently with preserving locally grown fruit.

Yes, last night at midnight I was pulling a fresh-baked peach pie from the oven and making room on the counter top amidst the strawberry jam and canned peaches. I can hear my grandmother applauding and my sister gagging as I type! I know, canning certainly isn't for everyone. And don't worry, this isn't going to become a foodie blog anytime soon. But I do think there's an intrinsic connection between my creative work and my ecological concerns. (Perhaps this is not news-breaking news but I like to state the obvious!)

Anyway, the plight of the planet is a big overarching theme in my poetry manuscript and certainly my discovery of urban nature is a huge theme in my photography too. I'm most recently fascinated with this concept of the urban homestead. And, like I said, it's summer and Oakland is bursting with ripe produce. Anyway, I digress. Today's Polaroid theme is about urban gardens and if you find yourself at all curious about the term "urban homestead" then just follow the links.

And if you find yourself at all curious about a peach pie with a gingerbread crust (Yes, a gingerbread crust!) then follow this link. (The original is a Moosewood recipe but I found this replica online.) Okay, I promise-- no foodie blog. But our peach tree is producing an epic amount of fruit and I just couldn't resist. Oh! And last night while waiting for the pie to bake I also updated my blog layout. Stay tuned for more subtle changes but I think I'm sticking to three columns for now. (Thanks, Kelly Rae, for the links.)


  1. "Urban Homesteading"...I am so there. Although my heart still belongs out in the country. Glad you were able to use a lot of your peaches! These polaroid pics are sublime.


  2. That pie sounds delicious. The joy of a home grown harvest and homemade jams and the like can't be beat. I don't grow my own fruits or indeed cook or preserve. I do however look forward to picking the apricots from a family tree each year and enjoying the subsequent preserves for months after (ones prepared by loved ones, not my self as I struggle to even cook rice.)

  3. Shauna7/25/2008

    loving to see what you're doing with your last free week before employment begins. love the way you've grouped the photos and the lightness/ dream- like quality.


  4. andie: hooray! i'm glad you're on board for the urban homesteading. your blog is amazing at incorporating art & homesteading & life.

    louise: i actually totally struggle with rice! it's true. i struggle with rice but i love to bake. i think it's the fresh produce and the garden that really inspire me. or maybe it's the sugar...

    shauna: the peaches are now in my belly! and there's still a bunch on the tree out front. i love that you described the photos as "lightness/ dream-like", thank you.


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