Experimenting with Text

I've been trying to ignore my impulse to add text to my TTV images but this week the impulse won and I started to experiment. I've long been interested in combining my love of language and poetry with my visual and craft work. I dream of a project where my passions for poetry, printmaking, photography, sewing/ knitting, and junking might all coalesce into something bigger than I can currently imagine.

And so, this week I started experimenting with text directly on the image, perhaps as a continuation of the Woman with a Red Sweater series (which I just wrote the poem for yesterday, finally). I'm still sorting through this new approach but the image above is one new result. In some ways, it feels a little too commercial for my eye. But in other ways, I just love the text in that Jane Austen font written in that perfectly matched shade of lavender.


  1. I think this looks great Kat. As you may have noticed, I'm always experimenting with text and photos. Keep it up - break some rules.

    Peace & Love,

  2. I love the integration of words and photos. In fact, I often find that I take photos with words or metaphors in mind.

  3. thank you chris, erin, and cheryl!

    chris, i'm consistently inspired by your graphic design and your use of photos and text.

    erin, i'm glad you like the new combo!

    and cheryl, i agree that often times there is already text in my head when i'm snapping a photo or creating an image. so true.


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