Poems Published & Photos and Text

Happy Monday morning. I'm swimming in photo projects right now and wanted to show you a few more of the experiments with text on images. Still using the Jane Austen typeface although I was just experimenting with Bleeding Cowboys and the typewriter font 1942 Report, so who knows! Someone left a message on my Flickr account that said, "Is this a poetic series? Perhaps it should be if not..." and that set my heart and head spinning in the direction of creating a series of these text & image photos that might all read as a larger group of poems. But, for now I'm just taking them one photo at a time and trying to hone some new Photoshop skills in the meantime.

In other news, I just had some poems published over at the sweet little online journal, there. It's a larger collection of poems than I've ever published before and I feel equal parts excited, uncertain, analytical, and hopeful about the manuscript at large. But this excerpt is a pretty good indication of the book as a whole. So hop on over and give a read if you'd like. And let me warn you that it's about 15 pages long, so you might want to grab a cup of coffee and head for your favorite cozy chair or wait until your lunch break as it's quite a lengthy read. Regardless, hope your long weekend was happy.


  1. congrats on having the poems published!

    happy monday


  3. lisa & erin: thank you for the kind words! this manuscript has been in-the-makes for nearly 3 years now and i'm finally able to see the light. phew. and publishing a batch of poems certainly makes that light a prettier color, if nothing else! so thank you.


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