Quiet Morning Inspirations

Flickr is an endless source of inspiration, so far as I'm concerned. I could literally spend hours and hours browsing through various photographer's photostreams, following links to Flickr groups, and studying images and styles that grab my heartstrings by the fistful. And so recently I've been drawn to three new Flickr groups: white space wednesday, cup of the day, and s t i l l. Yes, I would say these three groups can officially be added to the long list of things that make me swoon. (Swoon, swoon.)

Don't get me wrong, I will not abandon my bursting flower blossoms against a blue clouded sky, my faraway barn horizons, or my other explorations of domesticity, femininity, and that so-called rustic romance. But recently I have been fascinated with photographers who are brilliantly using negative space and white space to amazing effects. And as much as I love to frolic through a summertime outdoors with camera and poems in hand, I also like to photograph and document objects-- specifically everyday objects, domestic objects, or found objects that might just be considered junk and/or odd objects. Oh, the joy!

But I recently did a little study on breakfast. Yup, breakfast. And last week I took photos of tea, coffee, fruit, and other tidbits of simple morning meals. Mind you, of course I left the dirty dishes and yogurt and toast and eggs on the kitchen table while I meandered over to the windows and streaming natural light with my coffee cups and plates of fruit. But the devil is in the details, my friends, and the editor in me was in charge of working with negative space. Oh, the challenge.

And so... that's a very long explanation to introduce these morning photos. Perhaps it corresponds with my tea tag collection. Yes, tea tags. I collected those little bits of paper ephemera for quite sometime and I now have a lovely collection, if I do say so myself. The vision was that I would one day sit very patiently and stitch them all together and make a hanging installation of sorts. But that "one day" seems to be on the horizon with my dreamed-up quiet life in the mountains with a big barn studio and a blooming vegetable garden and a stream cooing and gurgling just down the hill somewhere. Ah, complicated childhood dreams.

But for now, my busy urban life is bursting with photo projects, poems to finish, a studio that is almost completely reorganized (thank goodness for the long weekend) and a handful of busy projects to finish up. But one day, one day I'll stitch up those tea tags like nobody's business and then frolic out of my barn studio to go take a dip in the nearby stream. In the meantime-- quiet mornings with a digital camera, studying new negative space, and fruit plates and coffee cups will bring a passing quietude to my busy urban days. And so... I hope you enjoy, regardless if you live in the city or the country.


  1. I enjoy! Very very much.

    Objects are my absolute favorite thing to photograph - they have just as many stories to tell as human beings. I find them endlessly fascinating.

  2. Ohhhhh, your quiet mornings are so lovely.

  3. Quite mornings and swoon-worthy visuals prove a perfect fit... beautiful.

  4. Oops, "quiet" was what I meant.

  5. Shauna7/09/2008

    you are bursting and growing and going right into it all: into experimenting and continuting to practice and trying and it's
    B e a u t i FUL to watch.

  6. i have to stay away from flickr sometimes. it's too too easy to get sucked in.

    love the breakfast studies

  7. Wow! What wonderful pictures you have here. Pictures of food, i must say, makes me hungry. lol

  8. Quiet. Still. Pretty.

    Thanks for coming around my blog. I'll come back here often.


  9. thank you, friends! it was a great study on quietude. perhaps that's what negative space means...


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