Renegade SF: The Crafty Revolution

Kelly Rae and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair: San Francisco at Fort Mason this past weekend. It was so incredibly inspiring that I was completely overwhelmed with crafty goodness within our first five minutes inside. I mean--134 vendors of arts and crafts--are you kidding me? Amazing. I felt like I was walking through the non-virtual aisles of Etsy--each booth adorned with handmade goods ranging from letterpress prints, to vintage inspired jewelry, to original silkscreens, to fine art prints, to photography, to felted and sewn and stuffed and stitched creations of all measure. Again, wow! And sweet crafty bliss.

So, I wanted to give you a tidy list of my favorite booths and my new favorite artists & crafters and then point you to their lovely shops, websites, and blogs. But I just can't do it! There are too many to choose from and the 14 business cards scattered across my desk are suddenly insufficient. See, that's just it. It's the community that's most amazing. It's the experience of the community and the row upon row of crafter sitting at her booth, selling her own handmade goods that are of such high craftsmanship, such delicate design, such innovative style, that one is quite certain they are walking amidst a crafty revolution. Amen!

But I will start with what I already know and say that it was a great pleasure to see the work of these ladies in person after admiring them online for some months now: Sprout Studio, Mati Rose, Supermaggie, E. Soule, and Hello! Lucky. And if you haven't already heard about this documentary about the crafty revolution, then give a look at Handmade Nation. The entire event was an incredible DIY fest of creativity, entrepreneurialism, inspiration, and good old fashion charm.


  1. oh...that sounds like pure bliss. i do get the overwhelmed part.

    glad you enjoyed.

  2. sounds like a blast
    these are some of my favorites as well
    will look up the documentary...thanks for the tip!

  3. shauna7/16/2008

    i'd like to see a full view of that ADORABLE dress you have on here. at least, i think that's you?


  4. dear, dear katrina.
    i wish for kevin to purchase your remaining copy of your exquisite birds and the bees journal from yr etsy shop. i am too lazy, though to go find my password, etc to login, so i can ask you this practical qs: how many pages does it have? is it really your last copy? oh my, can it actually be mine? it is so pretty!! i have been in love for months.

  5. Oooh, great round-up!

    I MISSED YOU! :)

  6. kelly, cheryl, erin: i'm glad you liked my summary! yes, inspiration + overwhelm about sums it up. but also bliss!

    erin: i'm so sad i missed you!

    shauna: yes, me and my dress. (smile.)

    melissa: i think i made 12. i have 5 left. they are small: 2 signatures of 12 pages each, so 48 writing surfaces total. i'm glad you love them!



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