Summer Adventures, Urban Homesteading, & Strawberry Jam

We recently took a daytrip down Route 1 to an organic strawberry farm where the mister and I picked 16 pounds of berries (16 pounds!) and finally finished the 4th batch of jam this past weekend. Phew! We now have 26, 8 oz jars of strawberry, strawberry-olallie berry, and strawberry-blackberry jam to fill our pantry full. This was our second annual jam fest of picking, boiling, and canning. This summer we've also managed to cultivate a bursting urban garden full of herbs and veggies, the peach tree out front is heavy with ripening fruit, and the nearby farmer's market is like a produce carnival of California delights. It's all proof of summertime magic, I tell you.

For now, I've decided to surrender to the blur of it all and focus my attention where it wants to go instead of wrestling myself to the printmaking studio, the sewing machine, or the mixed media canvases against my own creative will. Right now, I'm fully engulfed in our urban homesteading, my photo projects, and this dear beastly poetry manuscript that is nearly done. And when the sun is too hot or the nights are too cold, I've been renovating my studio and it's almost completely reorganized, re-inspired, and re-imagined. And I recently was offered part-time permanent work instead of all this freelancing, fretting, and financial worry. I tell you, it's the bursting full heart of a summertime: flower gazing, fruit picking, firework celebrations, and ample fun in the sun.


  1. Shauna7/14/2008

    i'll trade you some canned goods (later this season) for some jam! and congradulations!!!

  2. thanks for the congrats, shauna lee. and yes we can certainly trade jam for canned good. although d is convinced we will be canning peaches for weeks! xoxo, k.


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