Week of the Darling Dear Polaroid

As if I need a new creative love! I know, but I have one-- the darling dear Polaroid. I think my recent adventures in photography opened up when I started thinking of photography like printmaking or collage. This was solidified with my adventures in TTVs and learning enough Photoshop skills to just squeak by. It allowed my thinking to shift from, "Take this exact photo" to "Create a print using any outdated and updated sources you have available." Right, start with what you know. So it was also through this thought process that I circled back to the Polaroid camera.

So, again, I am in love. And I am in love because of all the amazing Polaroid work I've come across: Photographers like E. Soule, Eshu, My Polaroid Blog, and Nectar & Light ; the community support at Save Polaroid; Flickr groups like polaroid, polaroid love*, and Polaroid Edge; and the amazing collection of Polaroid photographers in the new book, For the Love of Light. As if this wasn't enough inspiration, last week I was wandering around a favorite local bookstore and found The Polaroid Book: Selections from The Polaroid Collections of Photography. Are you kidding me--The Polaroid Collections of Photography? Oh gosh, there I go in love again.

As I've recently been organizing my studio (Painted a new pretty shade of blue this weekend, hooray!) I've managed to collect many of my old Polaroid photos into one tidy little red box. And I also managed to get two packs of Polaroid film and try my hand at the old trusty instant film once again. I've been spoiled with the speed of uploading digital photos but the slow scanning of Polaroids finally happened last week. Phew.

So, in addition to my love of digital photography and TTVs, I've just added another love to the very long list-- the darling dear Polaroid and adventures of instant film. I will share both very old and very new Polaroid photos with you throughout the week. I was so inspired in May by Lisa's week of Polaroids that I've decided to do the same. (Thank you, Lisa.) So, here we go: The shot above and the shot below are two of my old Polaroid favorites.


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  2. These are fantastic shots! My fav is the beach sand and fence one. I hope polaroid gets the hint and keeps making them.

  3. peter chen: thank you for responding. i'm still debating on a customized typeface for my sidebar. we'll see...

    andie: i'm glad you like them! yes, i hope polaroid gets the hint for certain. so sad, otherwise.

  4. ooooh, the beach... I could be at the beach forever... Gorgeous pictures... Make me smile and dream...

  5. ..mmm...lovely and so peaceful..

  6. thank you, dear friends.


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