Wishful Thinking

(From my breakfast date this morning: Before & After.)

If I had just one wish I would wish that I knew how to add texture through layers on Photoshop. If I had just two wishes I would wish that I knew how to add texture through layers on Photoshop and that I had a digital SLR camera. If I had just three wishes I would wish that I knew how to add texture through layers on Photoshop and that I had a digital SLR camera and that I had an old Polaroid Land camera too. What would you wish for-- if you had just three wishes? Usually, I wish for world peace. Is that ridiculous or what? But it's true. Usually I wish for world peace but this time I think I would use my three wishes for very materialistic purposes and I would wish for editing skills, a camera, and then another camera. Oh goodness, how true.

There are too many amazing things in cyberspace for me to tell you about all of them but from time to time I have to tell you about a few. These two blogs and their postcard collaborations are new to me and I am loving them completely: Louise & Gracia. Also, Mati Rose collaborated to make these adorable necklaces weeks ago but they are still making me swoon. And I just stumbled across this gorgeous website and the layered design is also making me swoon:Dream and Awake. And Cursive Design was kind enough to feature my photos on her lovely blog and so I'm also thankful for that. (Thank you!) And at this very moment, I am taking a break from editing a photo project and I will show it to you very, very soon. (Hence, all those camera wishes!) So if you had just three wishes, what would you wish for-- Photoshop skills, a digital SLR, a Polaroid Land camera, or something even more divine?


  1. Okay dear, I have just the thing to make all your photoshop wishes come true and it is sitting right here beside my computer (although I have yet to really utilize its power, I definitely appreciate it).

    Check out Crumble. Crackle. Burn. by Von Glitschka. Complete with 120 hi-res textures on DVD for photoshop.

    You can achieve the same effect using a scanner and all kinds of crazy crap (ask Chris - he is the king of this) but if you want a quick start, this is the way to go.

  2. 1. Digital SLR. (I actually said this to someone this morning, before reading your post).

    2. A huge workroom, on the second floor, with large windows and views of trees. With a big sturdy easel, huge tables, a comfortable couch, a really great new laptop, a press with an adjustable bed, a big sink, and, of course, a coffee pot.

    3. More time. Or more money. Well, both really.

  3. Shauna7/18/2008

    holy inspiration and eye candy: the links, the necklace (damn! they're all sold...) and what a great post.

    three things:
    1. money for my savings account!
    2. a new mac book with garage band or pro tools (digital recording)
    3. all of the artwork i've collected framed and in acid-free picture frames. okay, at least mom's pencil drawing framed.

    that felt good!

  4. Anonymous7/20/2008

    i want some nice new (to me) clothes including shoes and accessories!

    i want free dance classes all year long

    i really want a new sewing machine that works like a bell, in a medium sized sunny photo friendly studio

    maybe that's more than 3?
    do you know about Leenda tutorials?

  5. cheryl: THANK YOU.

    jennifer: i'm with you on all 3.

    shauna: yes to your mother's drawing, at the very least.

    ambra: oh gosh, a sunny studio.(swoon, swoon.)

    and to marcie's text message: THANK YOU.

  6. I'm curious what you shoot with since you don't have a DSLR. I'm also curious about how you manage to get your photos so texture-y without the use of PS.

    If I had three wishes, I'd go for:

    1) a new (satisfying) job
    2) my thesis to be completed
    3) a place that feels like home

  7. leslie: i've been shooting with a canon powershot, a brownie hawkeye, an argus 75, and a polaroid one600. but one day i will have a digital slr! as for photoshop, it's a long game of trial & error. and i soo remember that feeling of wishing my thesis was finished. you will finish!


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