An Assortment of Things...

I have a bunch of things to share with you so I'm going to make a list.
  1. I have a new photo series that I just finished editing and I'm going to share it with you this week. Shauna's Urban Cottage is the new series and the lemon tree and sky photos were both taken at her cottage but that is not Shauna in the photos, that's Marcie! (Hello, Marcie.)
  2. I used Marcie's TTV contrapition to take these photos of her and I wish I'd taken more because I love how abstract they turned out. Sadly, I only took two because I didn't think I was getting an image at all--sometimes creative mistakes are the sweetest gifts.
  3. I bought a Holga! Yup, I bought a holga this weekend and it is currently being shipped from the amazing B&H camera store in NYC. Hooray, I'll be shooting medium format film!
  4. There are a bunch of things I love about the neighborhood where I now work but one thing is the proximity to three of my favorite thrift shops. Last week was my first week at this new job but I managed to get to two of my favorite places to junk. Sweet bliss.
  5. I had a creative epiphany on Saturday night as I listened to the Kronos Quartet and Homayoun Sakhi and mostly I realized that sometimes just changing our normal thinking patterns through new activities (vacation, music, free time, meditation) can actually provide solutions to creative roadblocks without trying at all! Needless to say, I think I might have found a new way of moving forward on an old project.
  6. I randomly found a postcard for this etsy shop and I think it's adorable: DoubleParlour.
  7. I'm not sure why I made this post into a list but then I felt like it should be a list of 7 so there you have it-- a list of 7! And happy Monday to you dear friends!


  1. these photos are looking great - and a big shout out to B&H!! check it out if you're unfamiliar.

  2. Well hello right back. This little spot you've created is truly just the bee's knees.

  3. Enjoy your new holga, and have a great week, g

  4. shauna8/05/2008

    oh, home! love this!!!

  5. congrats on the holga...
    i may have to try and make it to sweet bliss :)

  6. kevin: thank you. and cheers to B&H!

    marcie: how sweet of you. come back to california!

    gracia: thank you.

    shauna: aw, good. a bit of home for you.

    lisa s: i can't wait for the holga! and i think you have already made it to sweet bliss;)

    but, my favorite non-virtual junk shops are thrift town on mission & 17th, the good will on the corner of s. van ness and mission, and then community thrift on valencia & 18th. sweet bliss!


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.