A Blurry Urban View

This top photo is one of my favorite San Francisco landmarks. "One Tree" was created by the artist, Rigo 23, and there are a few of his murals around town. Years ago when I first lived in California, I stopped dead in my tracks when I first saw this sign. It was as if my urban art heart exploded all over the intersection and I had to quickly gather the pieces and cross the street before I got hit by a truck! Swoon, swoon, swoon. I loved the environmental implications looming over this busy city intersection and it seemed to be a darn fine example of public art. Now I see this sign on a regular basis and it's even on the route of my new evening commute.

So, yes, I officially made it through my first week of work at my brand new job. Phew. Huge transition from the life of a frugal freelancer with plenty of time to dream, scheme, and execute. But! I'm already inspired by my new urban office setting and so these photos are a blurry experimental documentation of my new commute home. They were all taken through a window (or two) and I like the way they seem to capture the spinning, blurry, dizzying speed of the last week at my new job.

So here's the big question spinning around my head: How do we do it? (I mean, not just me but you too.) Day jobs, night jobs, freelancing jobs that may or may not be directly tied into our passions for making art. And art jobs that may or may not be tied into our passions to make some money. And then add partners or spouses or kids or extended family into the mix with a pinch of friends, a dash of social life, and maybe a sprinkle of homesteading, gardening, or dare I say vacation? Wow, I'm tired just writing it all down.

But, somehow we manage. Maybe we just do what we have to do, what we want to do, what we absolutely must do in order to feel somewhat connected to our deeper parts, our favorite parts, or our most necessary parts depending on the moment and the person. I don't know. But I do know that you all continue to inspire me! And your comments often make me day. So, thank you for your kind comments last week. And now, I'm off to San Francisco to reap one of the many benefits of having friends who work in the arts--free tickets! Happy weekend to you.


  1. love the idea of your urban art heart exploding and you having to stop and pick it up
    as for the rest, whew, that is difficult
    I think each day we make choices, we alot time, we prioritize and hopefully we balance our own needs with the needs of others but it is a difficult dance

  2. Interesting pictures.
    The top one is fabulous.
    I like to think I part my day in little time pieces that I fill up with mothering, work, art, friends... And very few times... I breathe... At least I think that's how I manage

  3. Anonymous8/04/2008

    congratulations on your new job! that's very exciting news. i've never met a woman as dedicated to her range of crafts as you, so i know you will make it work.

    i can't wait to read more about your new adventures. love these photos.

    <3 <3 <3

  4. LOVE these photos, and I agree with Esti--- the top is fantastic!

    Thanks for your kind words, dear... :)

  5. stash: yes, my heart was exploding! and yes, we alot time and try to balance and i guess that's all we really need to do. very wise words.

    esti: i'm glad you like the "one tree" pic. and i love that you wrote "and very few times...i breathe."

    laura: thank you for the bit of confidence! it's a new challenge but i think i'm up for it.

    erin: i'm glad you like the top pic. and you are more than welcome for a few kind words-- you deserve a bushel of praise for your hard work.


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