Days One & Two...

Day One.

Day Two.

Hi friends! Days one and two of my new job have been, well, overwhelming and full of transition and also full of hope about what this job might actually become. Seems there is a lot of opportunity for me to really flush out an artist service program, network with other arts service providers across the country, and strengthen a fiscal sponsorship program for over 100 artists in the Bay Area. Oh my. But it also seems that this talk is foreign from the land of digital photographs, poetry manuscripts, and printmaking that had me by the heartstrings just a few days ago. So, transition continues until I strike a big beautiful new balance. I have a batch of new photos to edit and will share with you soon. Very soon. For now, off to day three...


  1. wow, this sounds quite exciting
    where have I been? under a rock, indeed!

  2. Shauna8/02/2008

    when i mentioned having your clothes out and ready for the first day, I imagined... the blue dress!

    to NY tomorrow.


  3. cheryl: you make me smile.

    shauna: i love that you knew i was going to wear that blue dress. so dear.


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