A Handful of Things...

It's funny, I don't feel like I have much creativity to report on this past week and then I just looked through my calendar, my studio, and the new documents on my computer and I had to laugh at myself. It was a tiring week full of long days at the office, late nights at various art events, and early morning meetings. So I think a more accurate statement would be to say that I didn't feel very inspired or balanced this past week. Not super energized or aligned or curious. Instead I felt groggy, out-of-sorts, unfocused, and heavy. But to say I haven't really been doing much would be a lie, a straight-out lie, and lies make my stomach hurt! So here's a different truth:
  • I went to a gallery opening at Intersection for the Arts and I'm excited about their upcoming shows including the work of their resident choreographer, the Erika Shuch Performance Project. (ESP can be added to the long list of things that make me swoon.)
  • I went to a work-in-progress performance for the Z Space Studio and rumor has it Leonardo DiCaprio might show up for this show, while my heart is fully invested in this one.
  • I went to the New Reading Series at 21 Grand to hear Samantha Giles and Yedda Morrison read their lovely aching poems and by that I mean a lovely sort of ache.
  • I took photos for my sweetie's press release for his upcoming multimedia extravaganza and made some rehearsal dates to talk about costumes. (I'm thinking Ellen DeGeneres for one costume and Tom Waits for the other--stay tuned!)
  • I converted my old Brownie Hawkeye into a TTV and the photos in this post are a result of what I thought was not working but seems to be working just fine.
  • I spent all day Saturday in the book arts studio cleaning, organizing, and communing with the faculty, staff, and TAs about the upcoming semester.
  • I started a new mixed media painting which I haven't done in months and while it's also a result of my current mood (tired, frustrated, not quite aligned) I'm glad to be playing with paint and paper and glue all over again.
  • I made a gingerbread with homemade whip cream and sometimes that's the most inspiring thing I can do when all else fails: bake something sugary and cozy.
Huh, no wonder I'm tired! I think I'll spend the afternoon wandering around with my camera instead of cleaning up the studio from the mixed media painting explosion. Yea, it looks like my supply cabinets exploded all the way across the studio floor, table, and cabinet tops and yet I just don't have the heart to clean it up yet. So, I have the afternoon off and I'm going to spend it with the sunshine instead of the to-do list. I'm convinced that sometimes the best thing we can do to regain our inspiration is to do nothing at all! Sometimes even the creative neurons need a rest. So, Happy Monday to you and hopefully by my next post I'll have taken a long summer's nap.


  1. Did I hear Tom Waits?? I can't wait to know...
    And girl, you should get yourself a little more sleep and rest

  2. amen to that - I could use a little bit of time doing nothing ;-) enjoy and rest, you deserve it

  3. the last picture is breathtaking...
    oh, you are so good at this, all this floating around of silhouettes, the colour shades...
    and tom waits, yes yes yes :-)

  4. Wow, you've been busy! Sometimes a day with the sunshine is better than tackling the to-do list. I look forward to seeing what comes from your afternoon off...

  5. dude,
    you have been BUSY!!

    did i tell you i finally learned how to do TTV? so cool! and these new images of yours are gorgeous!

  6. WOW--- just reading about your weekend has me completely wiped! :)

  7. Found you on Blogher. Your pictures are GREAT!

  8. you lazy woman you! : )
    i love the dreamy photo and am going to read the poets link.

  9. oh...you have been busy.

  10. i think i could have been as happy as a sweet little clam to attend *any* of these things with you - busy lady! i think i need to subscribe to the "katrina calendar of things to do" update ;)

  11. esti: yes, tom waits! but just as a character sketch for a costume design. how dreamy if we were actually working with tom waits...

    cheryl: ah, yes--i think you and i could both stand to do more of nothing!

    roxana-- thank you! yes, i'm aiming for "floating around" and still figuring out how to achieve that.

    leslie--i would love a day in the sunshine right now!

    kelly rae-- have fun with TTV. it's such a great tool.

    erin-- something tells me you are probably often just as busy!

    gingela5-- thank you! and welcome.

    mansuetude-- i love that word, "dreamy". hooray! and i hope you enjoyed the poet links. i've got more...

    kelly-- hello, kelly!

    jennifer-- you are sweet. i love the idea of a "katrina calendar of things to do". i'll work on that! and sometime, you should join me.

  12. Gallery openings, gingerbread... Bliss!

    Love the top picture.

  13. Wishing you a little rest... such a busy bee you have been. It all sounds marvelous.

  14. mary-laure: i'm glad you like the top photo. thank you!

    gracia: a busy bee, yes. and thankful i had some time this weekend to rest and restore. phew! ;)


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