I Fell in Love with a Lemon.




I admit it: I fell in love with a lemon! Well, I fell in love with Shauna's lemon tree. Or moreover, I fell in love with the yellow circle citrus and the green diamond leaves against the blue and white backdrop sky. Something about the branches reaching for the clouds just made my California heart lift. I hope it makes your heart lift too.


  1. Oooh, I've always wanted a lemon tree! :)

  2. love these - great color and textures

  3. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL pictures, so dreamy!
    I love lemons so much that the word used to be part of my email address.

  4. I love lemons, too! I used to take self-portraits of me holding a lemon with my cell phone and then send it to everyone. Don't ask me why. Anyway, it kind of stuck, and people now associate me with lemons. :)

    I love your pics much more than mine, though - they are certainly more artful!

  5. Anonymous8/06/2008

    ha. i was expecting a story about a lemon of a man you'd once dated.

    i should have known better.


  6. erin: me too!

    cheryl: thank you, dear cheryl.

    mary-laure: thank you! a lemon email address sounds adorable.

    leslie: "self-portrait with lemon" sounds fantastic.

    laura: oh goodness, that would be another photo series. probably another blog! and that blog would have to be anonymous ;)


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