Shauna's Urban Cottage: Blue & Orange, Inside & Out

I love that little orange cup. And, of course, the weathered wood. And the turquoise skies never get old. I think it's actually the combination of orange and turquoise that I like best about this batch of photos. What do you think? The colors or the subjects or just the textures? Speaking of textures, my Holga arrived yesterday morning! Very soon I'm heading out into the sunny breezy Oakland afternoon to get some film and take some new photos. I haven't worked with film much since last summer when my little digital camera came into my life. So I'm excited for this new adventure.

In other news, I'm loving my new job. And while I'm full of transition and new ideas and new demands, I'm also finding little bits of time to duck into the studio and do some creative work too. Time is shifting, but I'm glad for the new movement and I'm feeling confident about the new shift. I'm also feeling grateful that my new work as an arts administrator is aligning with my own creative work and vice versa. Thank goodness!

I just had a long conversation with a dear friend and one of our lengthy topics was "trust". Learning to trust our selves to find a new pacing, a new shifting to our priorities, and ultimately a new confidence and patience when our lives are suddenly overflowing with new opportunities. To tell our selves, "I will get to that. I just know that I will. And until I have time to get to that, I am going to give myself a brake." Quite a dear and wise friend, that one. One of those brilliant thinkers that helps me get to the core of my own thinking and after we talk it's like I've been to the chiropractor and I'm suddenly realigned! Sometimes I think those conversations are the very marrow of life: the connection, the challenge, the offering of thoughts.

Now, I'm going to sneak outside into a public quietness that I've only ever found in bustling cities. I'll buy some film and then spend my studio hours outside of the studio but with the intention of the studio in my thoughts. I love that anonymity that comes with a bustling city street--the opportunity to move quietly through the crowds as if I'm on a secret creative mission. So, here I go, my private studio time out into the public space of a bustling Saturday afternoon in Oakland. Dear Holga, soon we will begin.


  1. thanks for your generous words. I apreciate them twice as much coming from a so talented woman like you.
    Plus, this post is deeply interesting. I wonder about that connection you talk about. I don't have many artists frineds (apart from musicians, that is) and I don't seem to get many of those conversations. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. esti: you are welcome. your blog is a continual source of inspiration. and i'm glad you enjoyed my little talk about trust. xoxo, k.

  3. hi.
    i share this feeling you mention, of entering a city street and feeling anonymous; because there are so many people. I always felt that in Boston, like walking out into the city I could go to many parts of my own personality; and slip back; un seen by everything and yet more me than in a small town. Thanks for this push into that feeling.

  4. mansuetude: isn't it a lovely thing-- that solitude that comes from being in a bustling urban center? this was one of my favorite things about living in nyc-- the anonymity of a navigating through masses of urban dwellers. i'm glad you can relate!


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