Shauna's Urban Cottage (Or This Morning's Ponderings)

I'm endlessly fascinated with ideas of domesticity. And with this comes ideas of femininity/ masculinity. And with this comes ideas of home/ nesting/ homesteading. And with this comes ideas of rural/ urban landscapes. And with this comes ideas of interior design/ exterior design and then ideas of interior/ exterior. And then comes the other endless fascination with ideas of intimacy. And what's more intimate than the interiors of our home? And what better symbol of our domesticity than our domesticated pets?

And yet the blossoms and blue skies and weathered woods also continue to find their way in front of my lens. Sometimes my creative process is very intentional and focused and thematic and other times I am all impulse and instinct and don't want to explain it. Sometimes I just want to make something pretty. Something dreamy. Something aesthetically pleasing. And other times I want to rebel against my own sense of pretty. My own sense of dreamy. To push up against my own ideas of "aesthetically pleasing".

And so, I suppose we (as artists) just have to continue to take risks. Continue to be affected by our surroundings and simultaneously attuned to our own individual instincts. I could go round and round with this debate all day long: instinct vs. intention.

And sometimes it seems the biggest risk we can take is just to sit still with our feelings. To observe them. To watch them. To witness our thoughts and then to make art from that place of witnessing. And then we are, somehow, simultaneously interior and exterior. We are the maker and the critic. We are interior to the house and we are also exterior from it. We are public and we are private. We are domesticated and we are full of wildness. We are making art and in that moment of making we are home and we are traveling-- sometimes all in the same breath.


  1. Well said.

    I don't have the intelligent response to match it, but I could feel what you mean.

    As always, lovely pics.

  2. These are GORGEOUS, Katrina. ;)

    And ditto to Leslie!!! :)

  3. what a moving and striking post. I wish I could right like this in English. Or in Spanish for that matter, ha, ha... I've been through similar thoughts often, but finally never came up with any conclusion. I blame myself for not taking many risks, to my eyes, for not going near the limits, for just enjoying myself in my own intuition. I guess that's just as well...
    You succeed in moving not only by words, but also with your dreamy, pretty, volatile pictures.

  4. Shauna8/08/2008

    sweetie! it's the first that I've had internet here in the upstate backwoods. I'm en route to the left coast now-- your post is the sweet melody calling me home. Oh Jasper! Oh Birdie! Oh lemon tree! and oh! sweet, sweet friendship! Yours is the cherry on top.


  5. Beautiful, both the writing and the photography. And I agree with Esti: wish I had this kind of expression of language in english. Though that wouldn't necessarily mean that I could write like you, of course ;)

  6. leslie: thank you. and i'm quite certain you have the intelligence to match it. sometimes when i write i actually try not to be intelligent but just to be thoughtful. to be open. to be present. does that make sense? thank you for your comments.

    erin: thank you, dear one!

    esti: thank you for your thoughtful comments. you DO move us through your words, your images, and your thinking too. and yes, that balance between risk & intuition. perhaps the intuition is our greatest risk? i'll keep thinking on this for years to come!

    shauna: almost welcome home.

    nina: welcome back to blogland! you have been missed. and you certainly have the ability to express yourself in english. are you kidding me? your blog is one of my favorites!

    dear friends: as always, thank you for your thoughts.

  7. hi, I absolutely love these colours, that amazing blue! and the softness, and the dreamy qualities of your pictures... I'll come back for more :-)


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