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A few weeks ago I went to the county fair with some friends. I'm not sure exactly what it is about a fairground full of rickety rides and fair food that just makes my heart delight! Of course, I tend towards the Ferris wheel, photo booths, and cotton candy moments but that doesn't mean I wasn't equally delighted by the pig race, the rooster contest, the tilt-a-whirl, and the coin toss. It just means I couldn't resist some quality photo time with the Ferris wheel and photo booth. I particularly love the delighted faces in photos two and three and the little boys pointing off in the distance in photo five. Don't you wonder what those little boys are pointing at?


  1. The colors & compositions are so cool.


  2. I LOVE #7!!!!! WONDERFUL! :)

    Will you be selling it? ;)

  3. county fair???? this looks like the indiana STATE fair!

    loving the images.

  4. Shauna8/21/2008

    i forgot to say that I love that number 3, most especially the little guy in the background downing what I can only assume is kettle corn.

  5. Anonymous8/21/2008

    Oh loooourve the vintage feel to this series. Brings back so many memories of going to the fair!


  6. lovely lovely
    these might be my fav yet
    way to bounce back darlin!

  7. These photos capture the feel of a fair so well...

  8. these are wonderful; the ferris wheel at the angle with the tent and the bird, my fav. great lines against the sky.

  9. Most stunning shots! I always love this 'vintage fair feeling'. In the Netherlands, fairs often are a bit 'cheap modern' (don't know how to explain it exactly...), but the american fairs seem to have this beautiful nostalgia feel. Such a beautiful series!

  10. Hi Katrina,

    By the way I tagged you... Feel free to read more (on my blog) and join!


  11. chris: thank you.

    erin: i'm not selling prints yet, but i hope to be ready for photo sales this fall. eek! fingers crossed for october/ november.

    kelly: i've missed you! yes, the county fair. i've never been to a state fair but i bet they're dreamy!

    shauna: i love the part about kettle corn.

    andie: thank you! i'm somewhat obsessed with that vintage look, as you might have noticed...

    cheryl: aw, thanks.

    gracia: thank you.

    mansuetude: thank you. i'm so glad you noticed the lines against the sky...

    nina: i love the phrase "cheap modern". i think american fairs can be "cheap modern" too! but somehow still dreamy. i'm going to visit your blog and read about the tag. thank you...

    dear friends: it's been a tiring week, so thank you for your enthusiasm and kind words. your cheers inspire me to keep going. i'm grateful for this community.

  12. these shots are gorgeous!!!! is it an SLR camera?
    really beautiful. thanks for stopping and commenting on tinyred, so i could find your blog too! great, will be back!

  13. tiny red: thank you! it's so nice to have you here. welcome.

    jennifer: thank you, dear lady.


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