Bay Area Fall Fever & A Getaway

Last weekend my dearest D and I managed to take a getaway to Seattle and Port Townsend. He was attending a performance conference in Seattle so I decided to join him for a (long) weekend. It's amazing how just a few days away from the regular routine can bring clarity and renewal. Every time I step away from my busy life I'm amazed at how the tensions and stresses literally seem to evaporate and I'm suddenly confronted with my own inner thinkings and generally returned to a centeredness that reminds me I actually am a competent and confident person and not continuously frazzled by the people/ places/ things around me. Amazing how I recognize my own anxiety-inducing thought patterns and expectations when suddenly I'm staring out over a mountain range and I'm wholly and completely content. Amazing.

Some highlights of the trip included the Centrum sprawl at Fort Worden, the Saturday farmer's market at the Pike Place Market, and the Olympic Sculpture Park along the Seattle waterfront. Not to mention the best piece of pie ever (peach blackberry with a perfect crust), picking up a copy of Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (which might not neatly fit on the list of experimental poets I completely adore but it does fit on the list of eco-minded, sustainably living memoirs that tug at my heartstrings-- tug, tug), and general decompression.

So, this is also to say that I'm now back in the Bay Area and I'm astounded at all the fall art offerings swimming around me. Without even mentioning performances, galleries, or interdisciplinary events, you could spend a good portion of your free time this season at the following literary events and still not attend them all. You have the SPT poetry series, the New Reading Series at 21 Grand, the Artifact series, the upcoming LitQuake literary events, and the Mills College reading series just to name a few.

Then you also have gallery and studio events like the first Fridays Oakland Art Murmur and the San Francisco Open Studios. Not to mention the fall offerings at favorite multidisciplinary arts venues like YBCA, CounterPULSE, and Intersection for the Arts. And let's not forget the Frida Kahlo exhibit is still up at the SFMoMA, the DeYoung is allegedly exhibiting "A show that has a Disneyland effect and keeps people coming back for one more ride", and the long list of museums continues. Oh my.

So, vacation behind me and openings, readings, and showings ahead! I am not going to tackle all of these art happenings in one weekend but I am going to see the ESP and Tobias Wolff performances and have plans for a few literary readings soon. But in the name of balance, Saturday I'll be lounging in the backyard with a dear friend and Sunday is my studio day (to make mistakes). I'm working on a mixed media painting, some photo transfers, and some more travel photos to edit too. But to be honest, I'm itching to simply drag out the baskets of yarn and knit. (I think it's the weather.)

OH! And I edited the last 2 poems of my manuscript this week and so that means I am officially finished with that little beast. Yup, I'm done. However I'm still afraid to admit it because that means the next step is the unavoidable rejections from very savvy publishers. Ugh. I'd rather just leave the finished stack of poems in the garden by the rosemary bush and then get a letter saying it's magically been published. Do you think that would work? Is that within the power of homegrown rosemary? Maybe it's the change in weather, or the general timing, or the transition all around me but I'm ready for some new projects, some new creative adventures, and finally tying up some dangling creative strings. Maybe it was our lovely weekend getaway or the 8 inches of hair I cut off last week. Regardless, I feel lighter.


  1. Your post was like a little getaway in itself. Good luck with the book.

  2. Anonymous9/12/2008

    Hey, you were in my backyard! Love the Pikes market pic (loved the other ones too, but that was my fav).
    Congrats on finishing the editing! That's exciting and paleeze, no one in their right mind would reject you. Be Brave!!

  3. Shauna9/12/2008

    oh, girl you had me at "yarn"! 'tis the season... I've been fantasizing about making MJJ a multi-colored winter hat with a finer gauge soft soft wool. i was thinking this weekend i'd pick up the yarn. I LOVE AUTUMN!!! welcome home!

  4. Yeah, it's good you feel lighter once some work has been finished... and that getaway... I crave for one myself...
    I hope your poems get published one day soon. Poetry is probably the most unfortunate of all arts. You are brave

  5. OK - stupid comment here but when I saw the name of your blog I thought it was found items resulting from hurricane Katrina. Flashforward - I enjoyed your posts and liked the photoshop filters?

  6. beautiful shots Katrina! they tell a story...

  7. kel: oh good, i'm glad it was a getaway. and thanks for the luck with the book-- i need it!

    andie: i had no idea i was in your backyard! thanks for the congrats and the very encouraging words! yes, be brave.

    shauna: yes, it's almost time for knitting, making savory soups, and maybe even time for pie crusts. aw, autumn.

    esti: yes, i think the lightness came from the getaway and finishing my manuscript. and yes, the dear poets need some advocating, for certain!

    shopdownlite: yes, "made by katrina" as in "made by me". i read somewhere that it will take 10 years for the association of my name to be forgotten. what a horrible thing to be associated with. thanks for visiting!

    tiny red: thank you, thank you!


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