Beachside Before the Sunset









More travel photos from our recent trip to Seattle and Port Townsend. These images are all taken from Fort Worden looking back at the mainland. It's funny, growing up on the East Coast I always associated the beach with bathing suits, umbrellas, big blow-up plastic balls, and a mesh bag full of books, snacks, and a thermos full of ice water. But I've come to realize that, of course, that is only one version of an American beach. There's also the very powerful and dramatic Pacific Ocean with boulders and cliffs and-- at least from San Francisco north-- very cold water!

However, I have to say that in general I've come to best love the beach in the wintertime. Maybe this is from spending so many holidays visiting my partner's family on the Jersey Shore. But I think it's also from spending various seasons combing the beaches in San Francisco and along Route 1 from San Fran down to Santa Cruz. The beach in the late fall, winter, and early spring are most dramatic. And the empty stretches of sand during cold weather are just completely romantic, desolate, and dreamy. Especially on the Jersey Shore, it's a stroll down the boardwalk in the wintertime that I find most satisfying and full of solitude.

Don't get me wrong--it's quite lovely to swim in the warm Atlantic waters. But it's quite magical to sit on the beach in a winter coat, knit hat, and cozy mittens while the waves stretch for the sand and it's so cold that you can see your breath. It's magical! Regardless, these photos were taken just before sunset and while it wasn't quite a frigid winter day, it was a cool early September afternoon, just warm enough for bare feet but just cool enough for a light sweater. (Thank you Port Townsend, for such a sweet visit.)


  1. ps--

    so i just have to say that i cringe a bit to post this beach series in the wake of hurricane ike. but i already planned this photo series to post today so i decided to go with it. i just wanted to publicly send my love to texas. and send you to cheryl's blog for a more intimate look:


    happy monday, dear friends, and wherever you are in the world i hope you are well.


  2. i like the look of an empty beach too....

    so glad you had a good trip

    and yes... hugs to texas!

  3. I love the beach any time of the year... And one of my all time favourite moments is being at the beach in September, in the late afternoon, before the sun goes down... I love love to see the stretched shadows of people moving on the sand...
    Your pictures are like a balm.

    ps- I've tagged you...

  4. seriously, these are lovely and it is nice to see the beach in a contrasting light

  5. pretty pretty pretty.
    the pacific northwest beaches have that rugged beauty that will always transport me back to my younger self...watching GOONIES. i love it. beautifully captured in these shots.

    big loves to texas.

  6. thank you for posting them! your special blue again... I so loved the empty beach, the open sky, the two shadows which seem to show how earth and humans breathe together...

  7. Actually if you were taking your Pix from PT toward the East you were on the mainland looking at Whidbey Island. If you were facing North you are still on the mainland viewing the San Juan Islands. If you were facing South you were viewing Indian Island. You see PT in on the Quimper Peninsula which is on the Olympic Peninsula.

  8. i like them, too, its so real at least, unlike seeing Anderson Cooper of CNN standing in a flood of water and INVITING others to be interviewed in it. Stupid-o TV. :)

  9. Katrina, i love your shots! what's the process??
    fascinating results :)

    btw: i posted your zine this afternoon. Thank you!
    hope you enjoy it...

  10. Oh! that first photograph - such a beautiful image.

    This strip of images has me longing to walk on the sand.

    see you, g

  11. i so love your images.
    how are you today?

  12. lisa: yes, an empty beach is so satisfying and dreamy. i love it.

    esti: yes, a late september afternoon on the beach sounds divine. maybe i should be headed there now! hmm...

    cheryl: thank you. still sending so much love to texas.

    kelly: it's funny how the images from our childhood stay so vivid even as we move and grow and age. thanks for visiting!

    roxana: aw, thank you. yes i think i'm addicted to that shade of sky blue. uh ho.

    bluewillow: yes, we were actually standing on the peninsula facing east. exactly.

    mansuetude: i'm glad it wasn't offensive. i wasn't really sure what to post after the hurricane hit so i decide to stay with what i had planned. i'm glad you enjoyed.

    tiny red: hooray, i can't wait to get your zine! these photos were taken with the TTV technique and then edited in photoshop. (TTV photos are taken with a digital camera through a vintage lens. it's addictive!)

    gracia: oh, thank you! so kind.

    kelly: i've missed you! i'm doing fine today, thank you. and you seem to have had an amazing time at squam. congrats!

  13. i love the beach in wintertime. it's such a different feeling/flow...

    i just invited you to a game night on saturday at my place :)



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