Sunday Morning in the Garden (with Love).








Hello, dear friends! I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend for those of you who are stateside. And a lovely usual weekend to those of you abroad. Somehow the extra day felt like magic around here and I'm grateful for it. I managed to do some gardening, barbecuing, browsing, chit-chatting, general catching-up, and even spent a few hours reading and sketching in my notepad. Sweet bliss! I had time to take some photos on Sunday morning while D, Stella, and I sat quietly in the little garden before the sun was too hot and we all clamored back inside for relief. Every year I seem to forget that September marks the start of a second summer here in the Bay Area. Lovely.

I also wanted to point you to two things before I'm off and running in yet another week. I recently had a lengthy meeting with the lovely folks at Red Poppy Art House and I was completely charmed. They have a series of events coming up through the YBCA Bay Area Now and you might want to take a peek. Also, I just had to give one more little bit of love to the Erika Shuch Performance Project which will also be at YBCA in less than two weeks. If you're at all interested in modern interdisciplinary performance work using text, dance, theater, music, and a genius blend of aesthetic and emotion, then you should check out dear Erika's work for certain. And with that-- happy week to you and I'll be back soon!


  1. oh yayy--- so much going on in your neck of the woods! CONGRATS! :)

  2. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday! Love these pics.

  3. wow, these pictures are so amazing!
    so nice to hear of your lovely weekend and thank you so much for pre ordering my zine :)

  4. Wow. Second summer sounds nice and warm. We head straight for fall here:) (which is also great - I find fall beautiful).
    Gorgeous pictures, I love their dreamy feel.

  5. erin: i know, i keep waiting for things to slow down but they just keep speeding along. i suppose i should just go with it!

    andie: yes, it was a lovely sunday indeed. i'm glad you like the pics.

    tiny red: aw, thank you. i wasn't feeling particularly inspired by these photos but i was glad to have some time to be creative, nonetheless. and yes, i can't wait for your zine!

    christine: oh, i miss the fall. it's lovely to have a second summer but i think it's hard to beat a true autumn with crisp days and brilliant foliage. aw, fall...

  6. I love those shoes! and the red mug is driving me crazy :-)


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