Conversations with Laley Lippard.









I've named this series of photographs, "Conversations with Laley Lippard". Laley is a dear friend of mine and we often spend our time together talking, debating, philosophizing, and eating! Yes, many long dinners followed by walks followed by dessert followed by drinks all in one evening. These photos seem to capture the way I see her--strong, inquisitive, courageous, intelligent, beautiful, animated, and gentle. Among other things, Laley is a performer and director of theater and the last time we met for dinner I convinced her to let me take her photos first. This is an attempt to photograph other live models besides myself, my sweetheart, and our dear cat, Stella Isabella.

I've grown very comfortable with flowers, clouds, barns, and telephone wires but there's a different dynamic when photographing someone else. In someways the photograph itself becomes a collaboration between the photographer and the subject/ model/ friend as we have to work together to create the final object-- the photo. So, this a step towards portrait photography. I love Boho Girl's recent artist shots and Hula Seventy's stranger project, and this series with Laley is my own little portrait adventure. It's funny how I struggled while editing these photographs until I tried them in sepia. Once I put Laley in sepia something just clicked and then I continued through the rest of the editing quite quickly. Funny how sometimes we need that "click" before we can continue on our way.

On the performance note, this week I'm busy designing, buying, and altering costume pieces for an upcoming show. I've done costumes a few times and each time I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with a group of collaborators and live moving bodies. Of course, I mostly love seeking out quiet corners to write poetry and work on books, prints, and photos in contemplative isolation, but I also love the contrast and excitement of working with a group. With that, I'm off to find a used leather cowboy hat, a pair of low-top Converse sneakers, and to see if this perfect costume t-shirt has arrived in the mail. More updates from me soon. In the meantime, happy Monday to you, dear friends.


  1. wow--so nice to meet you---your blog is wonderful as well...i'm excited when i get more time to go back into it in depth...this entry is beautiful by the way!

  2. This is soooo fascinating! :)

  3. Anonymous10/07/2008

    How wonderful you have such a dear friend. Good luck on your costume hunt. The recycle T...soooo cute! I've bookmarked that store.


  4. I look forward to see how the costume project developes...
    I wonder what your friend thinks of the portrait. Does she see herself as you do? Interesting...

  5. What a beautiful series of photographs. So soft yet they tell a lot. Unique.

  6. Beautiful, those photos really make you feel like you get to know her a bit: the way she talks, the way she moves... Great to catch that in a photo!

  7. I love love LOVE these pictures! They have a magical quality, as if you were photographing ghosts.

  8. such gorgeous series, katrina, the texture, the light, the soft colour, the unusual angle, everything plays together to conjure up the essence of a human being in her uniqueness...

  9. Sepia is often so very evocative, isn't it?

    Looking forward to many more visuals and seeing how your costume project develops.

  10. i feel her moving and talking--we say so much don't we... in our gestures. our postures. great story

  11. bonbon oiseau: i'm delighted you came to visit! your blog is so lovely. next week when this production is up, i will spend more time with your lovely corner of the web. (nice to meet you!)

    erin: thank you, dear.

    andie: yes, the t-shirt is so cute, isn't it? i was thrilled when i found it. it's just perfect for this costume.

    esti: interesting questions about how laley sees herself. i'll be sure to ask her the next time we wine & dine. i'm interested to know her response.

    jamie: aw, thank you for the kind words.

    nina: hooray! i'm glad you feel like you get a sense of laley's personality through the images. that's great news.

    mary-laure: yes, i sometimes think i am photographing ghosts, in the most magical way. i'm glad you see the photos that way.

    roxana: you are so generous. i'm humbled.

    gracia: oh the allure of sepia! sometimes i am not strong enough to resist. it's so... pretty.

    mansuetude: yes, our gestures are so important. our postures too. i think so much of someone is in their body language. just a tilt of the head, an angle of the arm, it's so intriguing.

    thank you, dear friends, your comments mean so much.


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.