N:A(per)ture & My HOT Lobotomy

Hello friends. Last week I told you I was busy designing costumes for a performance, My HOT Lobotomy, that opens this Friday at CounterPULSE. This week I'm busy finishing the costume designs and also preparing for a photo exhibition. Yes, very exciting news. I'll be having my very first photo exhibition in the gallery/ lobby of the theater while the performance is running Oct 17- Nov 2. The performance is directed by my dearest D and more details are here and here. The gallery opportunity just came up last week so it's last minute but too good to pass up. (Eek!)

This morning at 8:30am I was heading into San Francisco to the amazing Cheap Pete's Frame Factory Outlet. (I don't go to my office job on Mondays which makes studio work more possible during the week, thank the goddesses.) Cheap Pete's was super helpful and with their quick turn-around my mats will be ready by Wednesday and I can go with the do-it-yourself frames. This also offers the opportunity to paint the frames myself so I'll be doing that this evening. I'm also printing the photos myself and I'm still deciding on which ones I'll use and how I'll arrange them.

I've decided the title of the exhibition will be "N:A(per)ture". It's a combination of the words "NATURE" and "Aperture" ...you see? I'm interested in exploring a different nature photography than the one that has intimidated and intrigued me for so many years. These photos will use my typical hazy, imperfect, incomplete view of the natural world while also including a few portraits, a few telephone wires, and a few other bits of modern life peeking out from the "nature" scenes. I'm hoping that the hazy experimental effects will offer the viewer a space for imagination, interpretation, and also a tension between ideals of beauty and very real environmental concerns. I have a bunch of other thoughts on this collection of photos but I will share them with you once my statement is more concise.

So then, there will be 5 photos that are 5inches by 5inches in 12 x 12 inch frames and two photo diptychs (10inches by 5inches) in 12 x 18 inch frames. I'm selecting the final photos (although I'm quite settled on what you see here but will add two more), writing my artist's statement, and painting my frames for the hang on Wednesday. Very good news. And, yes, the costumes are nearly finished aside from some minor alterations. Which is also good news. I'll show you photos once the costumes are finished and the photos are hung. If you're in San Francisco I hope you'll come visit. And if you aren't in San Francisco, I hope you'll wish me luck! My fingers are crossed...


  1. Oh my gosh that's fabulous news! Good luck getting everything ready. You are a busy artist!! I didn't realize you did costume design as well - how rad are you! (-:

  2. yes yes yes!!! many congraTS to you, Katrina!! i hope to be able to make it but if not, many cheers to you and your lovely photographs~
    and. your beloved D.

  3. sounds like a really interesting project. I love the costume aspect. have fun!!

  4. Congratulations for the exhibit! I look forward to see pictures of your photos hanging on the theater walls :)

  5. Beautiful colours to let wash over you... wishing you much luck with all your work.

  6. yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous10/19/2008

    yay!!! you are showing your photos! Just having the excuse to mat and frame them is fantastic in itself. I bet they will look AWESOME!!

  8. congratulations!!! I would die to see your exhibition 'live', it must be so exciting. and I absolutely love all these photos, but the last one is stunning. and no, they are not 'imperfect' views of the real world, but different doors of perception. can't wait to read your artist statement also!

  9. jamie: thank you! yes, i have a handful of artsy tricks up my sleeve. most of my work tends to be with paper or fabric or text so the costume designs sometimes fit in there too. i'm not formerly trained, but love to sew and collect things and treasure hunt--so it works out okay.

    melissa: thanks lovely! i'm grateful for your kind words.

    cheryl: thank you.

    esti: yes, they are finally hanging in the theater gallery. phew. i made it through.

    gracia: such kind words. thank you.

    kelly: indeed.

    ambra: yes, yes. it was a great experience and i learned so much. wish you were here to lend wisdom to the costume designs.

  10. ooo - i love that last one! see ya tonight lady :) xxx.

  11. these are fantastic! thanks for your comment on my blog as well...so glad to know you!


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