Photo Exhibition & Costume Designs

Hello friends. The photos are hung, the costumes are finished, and the show is now officially open. Hooray! The multi-media/ dance/ theater/ performance creation, My HOT Lobotomy, opened on Friday, October 17 at Counter PULSE in San Francisco. You can read an interview here.

And with that opening came my costume designs for a post-lobotomy character obsessed with global warming, and a wannabe rock star/ caretaker of the recently lobotomized. It all sounds much stranger online than it is in person as the show is strikingly subtle, architectural, and full of blurring lines between waking states and dreaming states. Throughout the performance, the leading lady wears this adorable recycle heart tee and the rock star has a series of Willie Nelson bandannas, a Tom Waits fedora, and an amazing black leather cowboy hat complete with leather braid and feather. (These photos don't show the costume detail, but I like how they show the entire set complete with cloudscapes.)

The photographs are hung! (Again, hooray.) The lobby/ gallery walls are now adorned with my super saturated hazy nature photos. I'm loving the 5" image with white mat and light oak wood frame. I just adore those square photos. I'm most grateful for the opportunity to pull this small show together complete with mats and frames and put my photos out there to a new audience. Good, good.

An incidental benefit to this exhibition was having to articulate my thoughts and objectives about my photos in order to produce an artist statement. It's what I loved about graduate school, writing grants, and having to defend my work in any creative workshop--I suddenly have to articulate my intent and defend my instincts. It's transforming. That being said, here's a copy of my artist statement for this photo exhibition, N-A(per)TURE:

This collection of photos experiments with an alternative to the traditional nature photograph. N-A(per)TURE (Nature/ Aperture) is meant to create a space for imagining new solutions and outcomes. It's meant to offer a hazy, incomplete, inconclusive view of the "natural world" while also letting the power lines, fence posts, portraits, and humanness bleed through.

I'm interested in creating "nature photos" from inside an urban center to suggest that environmentalist thinking is critical in expansive rural areas and small urban yards. The blurry, altered images are meant to reflect the tension between ideals of beauty and very pressing political and environmental concerns. I'm interested in creating a space where these questions can be considered through imagination, interpretation, and open endings--to allow for a space that pushes against conventional "nature photos" so we can imagine an alternative view.


  1. Anonymous10/20/2008

    Congrats, congrats, congrats!! How exciting and uber cool is this!

    Love seeing your work both on stage and hanging in the gallery. I'm sure you are beaming right now. Rightly so!

    Much love,

  2. I love this my dear! Your parting thought really struck a cord with me. We can't all live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. However, we can bloom where we are planted and bring as much of the wild to where we are.

    That can be in the form of nature like a sunflower in a sidewalk crack and it can be a metaphor for the way we are feeling now with the election approaching. I often feel like that struggling sunflower in a truly odd and unique place but hellbent on my imperative to find the sun once again. Right there with ya.
    Love it.

  3. your points of view always resound deeply inside, thanks :)

  4. wow, congratulations, it must be exciting... are those pizza boxes? i am suddenly craving a nice thin slice! :)

  5. I'm so happy for you, Katrina! I hope your work will touch the hearts of many, many people, exactly as it does here in the 'virtual world'...

  6. andie: thank you! it's been very exciting indeed. and also very eye-opening. (thanks for your encouragement!)

    stash: thank you, dear! yes, both urban and rural environmentalism. and i love what you wrote: "hellbent on my imperative to find the sun once again". hell, yes.

    esti: my goodness, such kind words. thank you, dear friend.

    mansuetude: yes, exciting for certain. and yes, pizza boxes! i've definitely eaten more than my fill of pizza this week (eh hem).

    roxana: thank you so much. my gosh, i hope so too! it's folks like you who keep me going...

    dear friends: i've been a bit absent lately with all this activity in costume design and hanging my first photo exhibit. thanks for your kind words and visits while i've been away from my photos, poems, and blogger ways. i adore you! no, really.


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