Small Wonders.

I never showed you these diptychs which I took this past summer. I love the smallness of both the quail eggs and the fresh chamomile. There's something particularly delicate about each object and yet somehow full of power too. It's as if the petals and the eggshells are both declaring their vital place in the world and simultaneously refusing to shout.

We grew the chamomile in our garden and the harvest season nearly got away from me before I headed up behind the landlord's garage to our tiny garden patch, a pair of scissors and a big Pyrex bowl in tow. It probably took me over an hour to trim each tiny blossom from the plant and bring the small harvest back into the kitchen, only to be separated out onto paper towels and left on a tray to dry. Maybe that's why I had to take their photos--to document the fragility and to document my harvesting work!

Similarly, the quail eggs appeared at the farmer's market one Saturday morning and I just had to have them. I came home and carefully poked a hole in both ends of each egg, then blew the yokes out so I could keep the shells indefinitely. We used to do this with Easter eggs when I was a kid but my sweetheart was somewhat mortified by my careful poking and yoke extracting at our kitchen table! (He, however, was the one to have a quail-egg omelet while I opted for a chicken- egg omelet instead.)

Regardless, the tiny hollow eggs now live in an assemblage in my studio. The dried chamomile lives in a glass jar on the kitchen counter, just waiting to be made into herbal tea. Something about the smallness and carefulness of these objects, I just couldn't resist.


  1. Anonymous10/03/2008

    Love, love, love those eggs.

  2. Next time, check out http://www.quail-egg-recipes.com/

  3. oh they are so delicate & lovely! just saw an article in the gate on intersection -- plus, am looking at my calendar for a drink date! :)

  4. Andie: Yes, such adorable little eggs. I used to find all sorts of eggs in my yard growing up, but they are harder to come by in the city. These quail eggs were such a find.

    Kevin: Ha! Yes, I will check the recipe for my sweetie. I'll stick to chicken eggs for now.

    Jenifer: Hello dear lady. Thanks for visiting and I hope we can connect soon.


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