Autumn Everywhere & UNturkey Day Soon





Dear Friends, everywhere I turn I'm saturated with brilliant autumn colors, crisp autumn temperatures, and delicious amber autumn light. It's so incredibly romantic and dreamy! My goodness, it's true. I am still uploading photos to my new Etsy shop (PhotosbyKatrina) but hop on over and take a peek at the progress. I will have additional prints for you to browse and purchase soon, so soon. (And a photo giveaway too--shh!) In the meantime, I am doing a balancing act of short-term and long-term goals. Trying to answer the question, "How do your goals for this week fit into your 10-year goals?" and my, oh my, that is a good question.

In other news, I went to game night over at Jen's house and not only did I get to see more Sprout Studio goods in person--her space is so fantastic--but I also got to meet other lovely crafty ladies too. There were about 10 of us there with pencils and scrap paper in hand, but I've only been able to locate Shash and Diana in blog land. Very fun. Today I managed to reorder my studio (thank goodness), write a new poem (my goodness), and download a batch of new photos from my digital camera. This is before I registered for a Facebook profile and spent the better part of the evening on one long strange trip down memory lane. Wow! I had no idea what I was in for. (If you haven't yet registered for a Facebook profile, proceed with caution and a few hours to spare!)

Thursday is Thanksgiving and the mister and I have decided to make the weekend following UNturkey day into an artists retreat. I have been so nostalgic about my art retreat days at the Vermont Studio Center that I just had to do something to create a mini urban retreat, so this weekend it is. After I make a pear cranberry pie to take to our Oakland friends-giving on Thursday afternoon, I'll be spending the rest of the long weekend with poems, photographs, and dreamy designs for a future installation. Yes, yes. I'm determined to follow-up on the previous post and make some strides towards my strategic art dreams. Of course, I took the long route via Facebook today, but I'll get there! Happy UNturkey day to my fellow vegetarians, and happy day of thanks and gratitude to my friends around the globe.


  1. Anonymous11/25/2008

    Oh my gosh, let me just tell ya...facebook is a time SUCK. It's crazy. Any way, love the fall pics, and your unturkey day. A day spent dreaming about art and art related spaces...sounds divine.

    Have a great holiday friend and Happy Tofurkey day to you. :)

  2. Anonymous11/25/2008

    I miss pumpkin pie! I can make it, but it is not in the same crazy abundance as if everyone were eating it!! Italians look at you like you are crazy if you even say Pumpkin Pie.

    Fab has been at me to create a Facebook page, thanks for the heads up! But this weekend....finally my website! Yay!!!

  3. A few veg turkey options to readers out there... http://www.vegcooking.com/holiday-faux.asp

  4. hello girlie....loving all your

  5. andie: i had NO idea facebook was so time-consuming. my goodness. thanks for the kind words about the fall pics.

    ambrella: if you still lived in california i would bring you a pumpkin pie asap! congrats on your website.

    alice: thanks for visiting!

    kevin: hooray for veggie thanksgivings.

    kelly: thank you. it's nice to hear from you again!


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