Changes & a Tap on the Ankle.

1. My spot of sun.

2. Unexpected settings: one.

3. Unexpected settings: two.

4. A corner of the morning.

5. Looking down at you, darling.

6. It was supposed to be about the bird, but now Stella.

7. Apple tree by night, delight.

Hello dear friends. Everywhere I turn there is exciting commentary and interviews and conversations about the symbolism of our new President, Barack Obama. It seems that change is in the air, for certain, and that we are certainly eager for it. It also seems that change is in the air of my blog design, however I didn't mean for that to happen! Oh boy, sometimes life has the strangest ways of forcing you forward, doesn't it?

(Side story: My partner, David, and I were hiking at the Point Reyes National Seashore in the Tule Elk reserve and we fell in love with the way the Tule Elk will tap each other on the ankle, from behind. They move in herds that are quite organized and linear and one elk will take its front hoof and tap the hind leg of the elk in front of it. That simple motion makes the front elk move forward if the back elk wants to proceed. It's brilliant! I wish humans had such an obvious technique for moving each other along--just a simple tap on the ankle. How dear.)

Anyway, I had planned on updating my blog look in the next month or so but I did not plan on updating it tonight. Instead, I hit "save changes" and didn't realize I wasn't innocently browsing new templates but I was replacing my existing template with new previews! My goodness. So, my dear blog will certainly be undergoing a few more subtle changes in the next few weeks. Some you will notice and some you probably will not notice. Anyway, sometimes we get that tap on the ankle when we were least expecting it. (Tap, tap.)

We are heading off to see the The Builders Association at YBCA tomorrow night because my dearest is so intrigued by their high-tech multimedia extravaganza. (I will probably be knitting from the back row to counteract all the high-tech design. I can't help it--part of me loves high-tech designs and part of me insists on vintage letterpresses, beat-up cameras, and knotted yarn! I am grateful that one member of our household is high-technically inclined but I'm also fond of my vintage techniques.) In the meantime, here's a batch of new Polaroids for you to peruse and a bunch of inspired thoughts about all these changes in the air. My goodness, so much movement.


  1. Hi! So nice to see your sunny nook and your Stella. And, happy tinkering with the settings... it always takes longer than you think, don't you find?

  2. lovely photos and I love the tap concept
    seems we don't stop and observe these little lessons nature provides us often enough
    have a fab weekend dear!

  3. oh my goodness! i have done this so many times - i've replaced templates and published posts without realizing until after the deed was done...well, it looks beautiful and i like what you've done!

    (yay for change!)

  4. well... i like the changes! and that pic at the top with the lady in the yellow top-- it looks like England! Not CA! I love that winter is coming...

  5. lovely photos. oh my!

  6. Anonymous11/08/2008

    Always love your Polas. Change, yet a lot of changes...so much to think about, hope about.

  7. awww Katrina, your polaroid shots are so beautiful you're inspiring me to use up my last film :)

    truly gorgeous! nice to catch up on your posts.
    have a lovely weekend!

  8. that tap thing really sounds reasonable...
    those polaroids have just the perfect colors...

  9. Gracia: My goodness, yes. I find that updating my online sites always takes so much longer than I expected. It's kind of amazing how long it can take!

    Cheryl: Oh gosh, I know. The animals around us have so much to offer if we just sit still long enough to notice. So true!

    Aimee: I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who accidentally makes big design changes! I'm glad it forced me to redesign a bit, but it's always such a shock.

    Shauna: Yes, yes. Winter is definitely on it's way. My mom called to say it is snowing in NY so it's truly nearing wintertime.

    Lisa: Thanks so much! And thanks for visiting too... very nice to meet you.

    Andie: Yes, "so much to think about, hope about". You said it perfectly.

    Tiny Red: Thanks for your kind words about the Polaroids. I can't believe they are going out of business, I feel like I'm just really getting started. Such sad news.

    Esti: The Tule Elk are quite amazing. They are so huge and yet seem so peaceful and graceful too. Thanks for the kind words about the photos...


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