Etsy Shop Updates & Things in the Works

*Letterpress note cards*

*Letterpress Holiday Cards*

*Fingerless gloves*

*Little Wristlets*

*Handmade letterpress journals*

Hello, dear friends! I have just finished uploading new items to my Etsy shop. If you head on over you'll see a bunch of new "Made by Katrina" offerings including letterpress cards & journals, Gocco prints, fingerless gloves, and hand knit scarves & hats. I might upload a few more items as winter really comes in full-force but most of my winter goods are now available so go take a peek, if you like! I'm also still uploading photos to my new Etsy photo shop and I'll be sure to tell you once the sizing, packaging, and uploading has all been complete. Very exciting news! One day at a time I think I'm getting closer to those dreamy art goals, creaky step-by-step.

Now, I'm going to switch hats for the rest of the week and focus on the 5 small canvases for the Art House Coop canvas project as the deadline is this Friday--thank goodness for deadlines, I love them completely! I've already prepped the canvas and chosen a handful of vintage photos that I'll be using as photo transfers to get me started. It's fun to know I have a handful of tiny canvases (each one is just 3 inches square) waiting for me each night when I shuffle home from work. They're like tiny little art presents just waiting to be unwrapped. Do any of you feel that way-- like the balance between artmaking and art business upkeep is just a fine fragile line sometimes? I bet you do...

I've been invited to participate in a weekend-long artist's professional development conference so I have to prepare a 5 minute work sample and also write-up a project proposal for my work. I'm quite excited to be included in this upcoming conference, but I'm also a bit nervous to try to bring all my disparate parts together into one 5 minute presentation. Really, just 5 minutes for the whole darn thing?!? I've decided I'll organize the presentation by focusing on three areas: Letterpress prints & handmade books; online life & experimental photos; and then read a few poems from my manuscript to wrap it up. Sounds okay, right? (I hope I don't get too nervous when I'm presenting, I have this unfortunate habit of shaky hands which makes reading printed poems a bit of a trick.) Okay then, wish me luck and I will be back soon. Happy Monday to you.


  1. congrats on the conference!
    yes, 5 minutes seems too little a time...
    good luck with it!

  2. Wishing you good luck! Everything in your shop update is beautiful!

  3. i love those wristlets....

    your presentation is going to be GREAT!

  4. all very beautiful Katrina! :) you're so talented!!!!!! love the gloves too!

  5. Anonymous11/15/2008

    Oh I love all of your goodies! I agree with the, "only 5 min"...you do so, so much more!!
    I like the topics you decided to focus on though.
    Congrats and I have NO DOUBT you will do great!

  6. love the gloves!!!! g0rea111125update1 (that says great update with a kitty walking across the keyboard)

  7. Wishing you luck... you'll be great. Shaking hands or a quavery voice can be endearing (at least, that's what I tell myself in like situations).

    And, love the new things. Super indeed.

  8. My dates are in a muddle... I hope it 'went' well.

  9. Esti: Thank you, dear Esti. 5 minutes was short and sweet but I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have shared my work with other Bay Area artists. Wow!

    Jamie: Thank you, I think you're wishes paid off. And thanks for your very kind words about the shop too.

    Lisa S: Phew, I'm so glad the presentation was over. I met a bunch of new-to-me artists in the Bay Area. And I had a chat w/ the curator of Southern Exposure about your work! I love this little pea of a world we all live in. I hope to meet you soon.

    Tiny Red: Thank you so much. Such very kind words.

    Andie: Thank you, dear friend! I was nervous but it was so good for me to get up there in front of 40 artists and show my work. So, so good.

    Lisa: Thank you for the good wishes. (And thanks to your kitty too!)

    Gracia: Your timing was perfect. You were simultaneously wishing me good luck in the past and the present, what could be better? Thank you.

    Dear friends: As always, I'm so grateful for your encouragement and good wishes. Really, truly. You are so wonderfully supportive and I send you 100 virtual kisses for that!



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