With the Rain...

1. Hello there.

2. From inside looking out.

3. Droplets do.

4. Stone, leaf, water, scatter.

5. A bit of sage (and rain on my finger).

6. You'll slip-side to ground below, when I go.

Hello friends. We had our first truly intimidating winter rain here in the Bay Area. This weekend wasn't the first rain this fall (by my calculations, it was the second) but it was the first officially intimidating rain, for certain. It was impressive and intense and called for movies, homemade soup, and over-sized rubber rain boots. More so, I braved out into the yard for a few minutes between showers to take some photos. The sky looked like one continuous dense gray cloud and the windows were covered with perfect fat raindrops visible from inside and out. Between downpours, I scurried up to the garden for some fresh sage for the butternut squash soup and grabbed my camera before heading out the door.

Much to my delight, the calendula and bougainvillea petals were speckled with droplets and the stone steps were magnificently scattered with fallen leaves. I think the rain was perfect timing from so much hurry-scurry in my studio life these past few weeks. Instead, a little quiet time and decompression was perfect rainy weekend timing. I've been re-reading my Fall 2007 copy of /nor: new ohio review--because I love Issue 2 that much-- and I came across this wonderful quote from Barbara Hamby:

One of the things I see over and over in music, theatre, movie, and even television reviews, as well as book reviews, is that America doesn't allow her artists to fail. Failure is so important to the artistic process. Once I find something that works for me, I don't want to keep doing it over and over. I want to try something new.

Amen, dear poet! And with that I leave you the most recent little sketch of mine. I have a handful of bigger things brewing in the studio so stay-tuned for more updates soon. In the meantime, I hope you'll VoteForChange on Tuesday, dear American bloggers! And enjoy a little bit of cozy rain...

"...with rain then, and kindness."


  1. Anonymous11/03/2008

    Sigh...I love rain. Which is good since I live in the rainest state (I think, could be Oregon).

    Anyway, beautiful pics and words. Love the "with the rain and kindness".

  2. Anonymous11/03/2008

    Before moving here someone told me a story about why she liked Italians so much. Because, in her experience they were the sort of people to listen to a chap singing atonal as he walked down the street, and instead of telling him to shut up they would rather encourage him to SHAPE UP. That is, sing, YES, please. Just do it better, PULEASE!

    I haven't had this exact experience here, but it does make me more comfortable singing in public. Though I think that happened when I bacame a mom. xxoo

  3. Ah, I love a good autumn rain! It must be so beautiful where you are :)

  4. i heard it was raining there.
    indiana has had gorgeous warm fall weather the last week. i am trying
    to soak the sunshine in. i know
    the gray winter is heading here soon and i no likey!

    lovely images - as always.

    peace to you today girlie.

  5. rain gets me! every time

  6. lovely sketch! and I love also your rain, especially from inside looking out. and calendula is fabulous :-)

  7. Amen! What a wonderful point. I completely agree on the need-to-fail-theory.
    Wonderful post. And gorgeous drawing and photos. I so like the "sage"-pic. Love the way you stand, and the tiny glimpse of green on that lovely lovely dress:)

    bougainvillea. again. bougainvillea. I love saying that word :-)) Happy day to you (and happy post-election ;-)

  8. Andie: I've had to learn to love the rain, growing up all those years with snow. But now, I'm hooked and find it totally soothing and romantic. Thanks for your kind words.

    Ambrella: Hello my faraway friend! I love your anecdote about taking risks and doing them better. Amen.

    Heather: Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, it's quite beautiful here in the Bay Area, as it's quite beautiful in SO many parts of the world. Happy day to you...

    Kelly: Yes, soak in the sunshine while you still can! The rain was a nice surprise from the drought we've been experiencing all summer but don't get me wrong, I LOVE autumn sunshine. (And Peace to you too, dear Kelly.)

    Esti: Yes, it gets me too! Right where I need it, usually.

    Roxana: Thanks for your kind words. It was so wonderful to be inside all cozied-up while the rain continued to stream down the windows. Yum.

    Christine: Yes, the need to fail is so important as artists and creative people. I think it's the risk we have to keep taking in order to create something new. And thanks for your kind words about the photos too. (Bougainvillea!!!)


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