And the Winner Is...Bonbon Oiseau!

Bonbon Oiseau, you won this photo from my new shop: "I Cheer for You, Every Time". (And for those of you who don't know the Bonbon Oiseau blog and jewelry line, you should go take a peek. You're in for quite a delight!)

THANK YOU to everyone who left a comment on my last post. It's so fantastic for me to see which photos are your favorites so know that I'm super grateful for your feedback. Funny, I thought folks might stray away from the images of people as we tend to want portraits of people we know and love and recognize...right? I mean, that's what I thought until I realized that maybe we only want recognizable people we know and love but obscured faces, feet, hands, and cheering backsides of enthusiastic and seemingly friendly strangers are just fine. Yea, I agree. Strangers can be pretty dreamy indeed. (And I promise, the "strangers" in these photos are dear lovely folks anyway.) So, thank you 117 times for playing along. I wish you could all win your favorite photo! Maybe, next time.

In the meantime, I just edited some photos that I took at a going-away brunch last weekend. (Ciao, Sebastien!) Somewhere between crepes and homemade lattes I wandered out to the backyard and completely fell in love with these little winter blooms by the weathered fence. There's something about that brown hazy stem and the papery blossoms that just melts my winter heart. So, I hope it melts your winter heart too.


  1. No way! I won??? I won!!! I love this photo and will love it for a long long time...I know exactly where I'm going to put it...Thank you so much Katrina! Your work is stunning. (i'm so excited!)

  2. Oh..can you email me at deb at bonbonoiseau dot com and I'll send you my vitals..thanks again!

  3. what a lucky girl!! That's a great picture... a cheering one... it makes me smile everytime I see it :)

  4. Oh, I've been meaning to write and tell you how lovely this all has become. Truly. It makes me smile to remember our converation over avacado rolls (I got lost on the way, typical) when blogs were new and a little scary.

  5. I'm with Esti... that top visual of yours makes me smile, too. And, crepes! OH! Wishing I had a crepe with lemon and a little sugar to see my morning slide into afternoon.

  6. Anonymous12/10/2008

    Aren't giveaways fun! I need to do another one soon. Love the new hydrangea and picket fense ttv. Loooooovely!

  7. ohh that lucky winner!

  8. Congrats on your new shop and I can't think of a more lovely person to win your giveaway...xo

  9. bonbon oiseau: congrats, congrats! i will send it to you soon. thanks for playing along!

    esti: how sweet. i love knowing that one of my images makes you smile every time, what an honor, dear artist friend.

    marcie: so good to hear from you. i know, just one year ago blogs were big and scary. just goes to show that we never really know. right? i miss you in california!

    gracia: my gosh, a lemon and sugar crepe sounds delightful. i wish we had thought of that combination for the going away brunch. it sounds divine.

    andie: i didn't even know that was a hydrangea. in my next life, i want to be a botanical illustrator. that or a professional pie maker!

    aimee: hooray for deb and bonbon oiseau! (maybe you'll win next time?)

    mrs. french: hi there. and thanks so much for visiting...


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