See You in the New Year.

Dear friends: My studio, home, and office are all in a big beautiful bustle for the nearing holidays. I can only imagine your lives are bustling too! Whether you're rushing off to family and friends or rushing off to some quiet time outside your daily routine, it seems all the city is a buzz and all the city's people are amplified somehow in our final pre-holiday movements. It's so dramatic and inspiring, indeed.

I am trimming, matting, and framing photographs like it's nobody's business. I am also applying for a grant to fund the next phase of The Dresses/Objects Project so keep your fingers crossed, please! I find myself busy with piles of paper at the office--always so intrigued to see what my creative colleagues are planning next-- and then buzzing home to my studio life and grant application and the pile of presents waiting to be finished up and taken to the East Coast. My favorite present I'm gifting this year? Aside from a myriad of photographs, I'd have to say Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter or maybe Things to Make and Do by Nikki McClure. It's a toss up. My favorite gift I received? Certainly earrings very similar to these from Sprout Studio from my mister. (Thank you, Jen!)

I'm packing up my prints, my boots, my favorite sweaters, and all my East Coast longing for a two-week trip to my native NY. Yup, heading to the rural corners of western New York for some holiday time with my family. Then to Brooklyn for some New Year's festivities with my dearest Brooklyn friends (And we will celebrate the 6th annual New Year's Day brunch) and then we'll trek to the Jersey Shore to spend the last few days with my mister's family. I love the beach in the wintertime and can only hope it's cold enough to make my eyes water as I stare out over the ocean.

I'm excited by all the upcoming visits, the new temporary surroundings for me and my camera, and some extra hours in the day to dream away in my journal. I love the opportunity to change the usual pace, to take note of something new, to realign myself with a new timezone and a new way of spending my day. With that--I'm off, dear friends! I'll see you in early 2009 and by then, I'll be another year older too. (Shh, it's our little secret.) Happy Holidays, my dear friends, may you find a bit of unexpected magic tucked in pocket or two.


  1. happy new year, katrina!
    i just want to offer a thought: "with quiet" is my favorite thus far of your word/image integrations.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear K! I am so happy I have discovered you and your work.

  3. happy happy happy new year katrina! it's been a pleasure getting to know you and your lovely work this year :)

  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your grant and my eyes to the sky for what the future will bring us. I'll be rushing to the beach after work. It's cold enough to make my eyes water and I'll think of my blogfriends.
    Next week I'll also be a year older, only hoping to be a year happier too.
    Merry Christmas, katrina. Have fun.

  5. Woot, can't wait to see all of the amazing pics your taking! Have a great holiday friend.

  6. happy new year Katrina!
    i feel happy for you :)

  7. happy new year dear lady! (& happiest of bdays!) excited for our art date :) xxx.

  8. happy new year.. i love the phrase. .. bustling... brings to mind...

    amplified. yes. to your creativity.

  9. melissa: i'm so glad you like "with quiet". i can't seem to scratch that itch to combine text & image. i liked this one too.

    roxana: happy holidays! i'm so glad i discovered your work too and hope to see more of it very soon.

    aimee: same to you! i can't wait to see more of your work. happy 2009.

    esti: yes, fingers crossed for that grant. or the next one ;) and i thought of you on my freezing beach walk when my eyes started to water. so glad i've gotten to know you and your work this year. xoxo.

    andie: the photos will now flood in! too bad i left part of my vintage camera at home. ho hum. my little powershot did the trick this time. xoxo.

    thereza: hooray! i feel happy for you too.

    jenifer: happy 2009. i'm thrilled for our art date. you, and lisa, and the sfmoma...what could be better than that? soon!

    mansuetude: what a sweet comment. and happy new year to you too.

    xoxo, k.


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