A Mega Catch-Up Post!

1. Another winter walk, this time in the city.

2. Snow and wind and winter beard.

3. Trying to photograph the wind.

4. Bare trees and dark sky Brooklyn.

5. Dear friend.

6. Storm clouds and winter beach in grays.

7. The bare bone tones of winter.

8. A bit of sand art. (See the "peace" in the corner?)

9. And then there was sun!

10. You, dear boy.

11. Sand swirls, too pretty to pass up.

12. Birds and boys chase to scatter.

13. With peace, we welcome the New Year.

I've managed to edit down my favorite travel photos to a few small batches, which I've shared with you here. The previous post showed photos from our stay in rural New York but this batch shows Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Jersey shore. It was so cold in NYC! So cold that as we treked through the streets of Brooklyn on New Year's Eve, I was quite certain my knees were getting frostbite right through my blue tights! My goodness, dear winter.

And finally in the last few days before we flew back to California, the sun made a grand appearance at the Jersey shore. Such dramatic winter weather, I must admit I love its intensity and the constant reminder that we are just a part of this big lovely earth and with one fell snowstorm we can be begging on our knees for mercy. (For the record, I surrender!)

Quite the opposite here in sunny California this weekend as I soiled my fingernails yesterday with the first 2009 weeding of the garden. I think I even got a little sunburn on the bridge of my nose. The sunlight has been piercing through the leaves of the lemon tree outside our front window. It's so dramatic from the living room looking out, as the afternoon sun makes some leaves chartreuse, some leaves the color of avocado skin, and other leaves nearly as yellow as the hanging lemons. Ah, the whims of winter.

And with that, I am also full of annual New Year energy to purge the studio shelves, the kitchen cabinets, and the storage closets. I'm ready to purge out the old year and make sure there's enough space for the New Year to find its way around. I've dragged the poetry manuscript back out of hibernation and I'm editing another "final" draft, yet again! I'm also preparing poems for submission to a handful of journals, researching grant deadlines and gallery guidelines, and taking a moment for a general look around my life to reflect, re-evaluate, and re-prioritize for the New Year. While we were on vacation, I scribbled a few '09 goals into my journal:
  1. Submit my work 2 times each month (journals, presses, galleries, or grants.)
  2. Buy a digital SLR and learn how to use it.
  3. Build a website to capture all my art parts.
  4. Buy more original art for our home.
  5. Purge my studio, home, and office to the theme, "Focus on what you love".
And with that, I'm heading back to the manuscript edits for this afternoon. I'm enjoying a little bit of downtime to take a peek around my portfolio, my studio supplies, and my computer files to see what I've done in the past year and how I want to intentionally move ahead into 2009. And, there's another very good reason I'm somewhat distracted and full of reflection--I'll tell you more about that soon. Happy day to you, my dear friends. And again, Happy New Year.


  1. Anonymous1/13/2009

    oh lovely! I love how your photos tell a story every time, using simple shapes and lots of space delineation. It really makes me get into the human to human and human to place relationships. Happy New Year Bella!

  2. happy new year to you! this is such a lovely collection of photos, from city to beach. and i remember the cold of that new year's eve night in brooklyn... we walked 10 blocks to dinner and were squealing from the cold :) now the temps are dropping again and i just want to stay inside under a quilt!

  3. so good to see you last night! i'm afraid we quite spewed to you for awhile; hope we weren't overwhelming :) see you soon? :) xxx.

  4. Happy New Year. Great photos!

  5. lovely pictures. I liked the first one best. Captures the winters and spirit of companionship perfectly.

  6. happy new uear katrina!
    I like your pictures, as you already know, but I like the sense of cold and winter this group gives me. I like hou you've put them together to tell a story.
    And, by the way, if you ever put in your shop that "storm clouds and winter beach in grays" picture, I'd like to buy it. It talks to my heart.

  7. mmmmm....reminds me of last weekend in chicago.

  8. these are lovely katrina! it's so nostalgic of winter and the city and the frost-bitten sand. i do miss new york, and the oregon coast.

  9. some of your goals for 09 are also mine :-) building a webspace, buying a digital srl...
    I love the way your winter seems to be so warm, the warmth of people, of the gaze...

  10. enjoying your beach photos and their titles; the extremes between East coast and West! That happens to me too, the January "Spring clean" thing, all the looking at files (photos and writing) so much wealth we humans are.

    Good blessings to you in this new year.

  11. hey! loving your new banner.


  12. ambra: thank you for such dear feedback. kisses to you!

    amisha: yes, it was crazy cold in brooklyn! i hope you are keeping warm & cozy.

    jenifer: so good to see you! you and bob are always delightful. yea, always.

    kevin: thank you.

    tazeen: hi there & thank you for visiting! i'm glad you like the photos.

    esti: i can certainly add this photo to my shop. soon, soon. i'm so glad for your visits.

    kelly: hello, lady! yes, the winters are quite different in cold country. brooklyn was frigid!

    laurel: hi friend. thanks for visiting! yes, nostalgia for new york is easy to come by, i think. such a big dear city. i hope you are well...

    roxana: i love your phrase "the warmth of the people, the gaze". thank you!

    mansuetude: yes, yes, spring cleaning! it's somewhat addicting. but good. and a happy new year to you too.


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