My Next Big Project: Our Wedding!

Yes, it's true! My next big creative project is going to be our wedding and it's going to be soon! My mister and I have been together for 10 years, we've been engaged for 1 year, and we just decided in December that we're getting married this April. Eek! It's all very exciting. And very distracting, let me tell you.

So my studio is now dotted with guest lists, potential invitation designs, vintage family wedding photos, and all sorts of drafts for dresses, theme colors, and cake tops! No, we won't be making everything our selves and we won't be having a big traditional day. But, yes, we will be aiming to have an eco-friendly wedding and a DIY spirit for a small beloved gathering of family and friends to help us celebrate. And, I can't pass up the opportunity for a pretty dress, a good meal, and a bit of dancing all adorned in flowers and romance and dear friendships!

My two bridal bibles have been the Anti-Bride Wedding Planner and The DIY Wedding. Not to mention, a handful of smart crafty married friends with all sorts of pointers and references and good ideas. One of my favorite ideas? A vintage metal birdcage for the cards on the gift table. If the slots are wide enough, the envelopes slip right through. And another fun idea is somehow using vintage family photos in our decorating theme. Good grief, I'm going to be a bride! The great thing about planning a wedding in 4 months is the liberating effect of making decisions somewhat quickly and moving on to the next decision. Oh my!

Forgive me for a bit of dreaminess and distraction but 3 months is a only a little bit of time. And somehow, in these moments, the loose threads of life & art & love & grief & inspiration & creativity all seem to tangle together at the ends. Suddenly, my wedding invitation designs are scattered among recent Polaroids, tucked under my new Denyse Schmidt quilting book, all just next to the list of publishers I'm soliciting with my poems. (Dear studio, forgive me, in just a few months you'll be all cleaned up again. I promise!) I guess sometimes the lines get a little knotted and art becomes love becomes life. Oh, swoon. Dear friends, I'm getting married in April!


  1. oh. my. gosh. congratulations!!! and I am wishing you the best of luck to prepare in 3 months. You can do it!! It's gonna be great!!

  2. yay, yay, ya!!!!
    it's going to be so gorgeous so k+d!

  3. yay! how exciting and lovely!

  4. CONGRATS!!!!! can't wait to see how 'this project' unveils :)
    love the new header!!

  5. ooo! so exciting!!! can't waitt o hear more more more!!!

  6. yay, katrina! its going to be so unique and beautiful.

  7. Forgive you for being dreamy? NEVER!!

    We're sooo happy for you both, and can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  8. Congratulations! We are getting married in June :) It's definitely a fun and exciting time. Enjoy!!

  9. woweeeee! it will be a beautiful and artful wedding, i have no doubt about that - i'll look forward to seeing your posts as the planning unfolds! congratulations :)

  10. wow, katrina, I am so happy for you! congratulations!!!

    All I can advice is: make it a very special and unique day, even if it's only in your heart :)

  12. love the vintage bird cage idea, for the cards ... how sweet. hope you'll post photos! -- D.

  13. Your creative genius put into a wedding?! That will be a sight to behold. Can't wait to "see/hear" all about it in the coming months.
    Congrats, this is so exciting!

  14. jamie: thank you!!!

    kelly rae: how sweet. i hope so...

    laurel: yes, yes!

    tiny red: thank you and thank you.

    bonbon: i'll show photos as we plan for the big day. (!!!)

    melissa: thank you!

    ambra: hooray for the dreamy parts, right?

    amy: congrats to you too!

    aimee: so sweet! thank you for the confidence.

    roxana: thank you!

    esti: what dear advice...

    davielle: thank you for visiting. i saw the birdcage at a friend's wedding and loved it complete. so cute!

    andie: how kind! thank you...

    dear friends: thank you for ALL your kind words. i'm humbled by your sweetness. hooray!

  15. "art becomes love becomes life" as it always should be!!! have so much fun with the planning :) xxx.

  16. congratulations katrina!! so exciting!!

  17. Congrats my dear friend! I am woefully behind on reading and keeping in touch! Many many wonderful warm wishes coming your way!!!

  18. jenifer: yes, as it should be! you are dear.

    amisha: thank you!

    cheryl: thank you, dear friend. i am also "woefully behind" in keeping up with blogs. but also so often inspired by bloggers like YOU! xoxo,k.


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