Wintery Wonderlands

It's hard to believe that the past two weeks have come and gone and I'm now sitting back in my studio editing photos from my holiday trip. Hard to believe it's only been two weeks since my last post and while it seems like I've been away from my Californian life for months, I've actually only been gone for a little under two weeks. My goodness. Time has a way of warping in strange shapes with the holidays and various time zones and many legged trips and travels. (Hello there, 2009. I'm home!)

I took over 200 photos on my East Coast trip so I'm going to edit and post them in batches to keep us all from overload. The first leg of the trip was to my hometown in western NY--a wee little town that you haven't heard of unless you're from there--and I managed to take a few Wintery walks with my mister, my mom, and my older siblings. It's amazing how we seem to play the same roles as we did 20 and 30 years ago as soon as we pull on the fuzzy boots and silly hats and start tromping through the snowy woods. It was hilarious.

And what could be a sweeter greeting than snow when flying in from California? I'm forever inspired by the bare brown branches, the silhouetted overhead birds, and the hues of gray and white that pirouette and leap off the thick snowy earth. There's rarely a blue sky in my hometown all winter. So that means the white ground often extends to a white sky and the bare trees are the only objects to break-up the horizon. It's so desolate and dramatic. Striking and sparse. It reminds me of being in the desert-- there's nothing to hide behind and somehow in that sparseness there's a simplicity and a harrowing, howling silence. A penetrating peace that I often crave.

Soon, I'll post more photos and other creative news from legs 2 and 3 of my trip. Tonight, I must tackle the large suitcase in the center of my bedroom or it threatens to stay there all through the work week. Happy 2009, dear friends, I think it's going to be a good year.


  1. Beautiful pics. It's always fun to find a new and interesting blog.

  2. So beautifully written, and I can so relate! Although my move to the NW was in attempt to escape those WNY winters, I do miss how beautifully it captures a definition of winter for me. Nice to "see" you K.

  3. Shauna1/06/2009

    phew! you're home!


  4. The pictures of those snowed forests!! I love them! They haunt me! Wow!

  5. wonderful! I like those berries with water drops most. there is such a freshness in these images...

  6. It IS going to be a great year! Love seeing these pieces into your trip. I can totally imagine you both jumping and playing in the snow like little children.

    So glad you had a wonderful trip and I can't wait to see more!

  7. melissa: thanks for visiting!

    blessed mama: thanks for visiting and taking a peek around. nice to "see" you too! happy new year.

    shauna: hello lovely, yes we are safely back home in cali.

    esti: so glad you like the forest photos. yes, the woods can be haunting for certain. and magical too, as you know.

    roxana: i liked the berries w/ the water drops too! i had a vintage camera, and a TTV with me, but managed to forget my film, crush the TTV contraption and that left me with only my little powershot. somehow, i think the simplicity was a blessing. one little digital camera that fits into my pocket was all i had for 2 weeks. a good exercise and perhaps a reason for that "freshness" you mentioned.

    andie: yes, it IS going to be a good year. and yes, we were skipping around like little kids. happy 2009 to you.


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