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Hello, friends. I love Mondays. I love Mondays because they're the one day each week that I can spend in my studio from beginning to end. The one day I've carved out in my life to focus on my art in whatever shape and form it might be taking. Don't get me wrong, I love my day job. I feel grateful for smart, creative colleagues, and for working in an arts organization with a gallery, theater, and concert series. But I love Mondays even more! I love the ritual that comes with having one day a week to focus on my art. And how that inspires pockets of time throughout the week to see projects through from Monday to Monday.

So, today is Monday and this morning I drove into San Francisco early to set-up in a cafe and write this darn exhibition proposal that I've been pushing around for a couple of weeks now. It's only a "darn" exhibition proposal because I had to push through the block of writing it and get to the other side of having written it. It's only "darn" because I'm thrilled by it and very enlivened by it and also very challenged by it. So, today I finally have a finished draft. Hooray! And I will escort my little package of writing, work samples, and sketches into the gallery office this week. Oh, heart!

Also, I installed the N:AperTURE show into a new space this afternoon. The Nature/ Aperture show is hanging in the lobby at Theater Artaud in San Francisco for a dance performance this weekend. It's funny to me that this is the second time I've hung that show in a performance space with a gallery in the lobby. It makes me giggle a bit--I always seem to find that "between" space to dwell with my work. I supposed I'm happiest there, in some ways. At the intersections of literary and visual art, or at the intersections of visual art and performance, or at the intersections of craft-making and artmaking. Yes, I like it there very much.

And yet, I want to keep pushing each art-part closer and closer towards the other. To keep stretching myself to cross boundaries and tolerate questions and discomforts and all sorts of "But what kind of art is this, really?" until it just is what it is. Period! Until one technique, or thought, or question fuses itself completely with another and they create a new loving home. Until I can firmly say, "Yes, this is poetry but it looks like fiction. Yes, this is a fine art installation but it looks like a dressmaking shop. Yes, this is a photograph but it looks like graphic design. Yes, this is a gallery exhibition but we are standing in the lobby of a theater." In other words, I'm aiming for that moment of, "Yes, yes, yes!"


  1. You sound like you are having fun. A theater lobby for the exhibit sounds good to me :)

  2. That first one is so golden... it could be dipped in honey.

    Sounds like many good things are happening for you... and proposals! Ah, I know well that feeling.

  3. Anonymous2/25/2009

    The in between spaces are like that moment between sleep and wake...sometimes we are not sure where the dreams begin and end, but that's okay because it keeps us whole and unfragmented.

    Whyever would we seek to fragment ourselves, I would really like to know :)

    You inspire me!

  4. Anonymous2/25/2009

    "until it just is what it is."

    Baby, I think you already there! Truly, I love all of your work and I think it ALL speaks volumes on who you are as an artist.

    Love the 2nd pola down from the top.

  5. I love your polaroid and I love the feeling that i feel when I look at your photos. You made me smile... :)

  6. i love the way you think Katrina--and i wish i could come see your exhibition at theater artaud...
    keep up the good mondays my sweet and keep pushing your limits and finding the links...
    (p.s. i just had your photo framed--will take a photo when i get back-xoxxo,deb)

  7. I saw your show at Artaud last night - the photos look great. Congratulations.

  8. esti: i am having fun! and yes, the lobby was a lovely little place for a small photo exhibition. thanks for your confidence!

    gracia: "so golden it could be dipped in honey" how lovely.

    ambrella: yes, like moving from the dreaming to the waking states. and i'm not sure why we try to fragment our selves! let's try NOT to fragment, shall we?

    andie: thank you!!! what a kind thing, "baby, i think you are already there". good to remember, as i'm racing off to the next "there".

    mujerpolaroid: thanks for visiting! so glad i made you smile...

    bonbon: you are dear. yes, i will keep pushing for the links. and glad to have friends like you along the way. what a difference it makes.

    kevin: thank you, dearest!

    friends: life is busy and big right now in plans for our spring wedding... thank you for your continued comments and support. i adore you! thank you.


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