Photos & Pockets of Time

one: And Berry Burst.

two: Let's Stay Here.

three: To Reach with Me.

four: Like Stars.

five: Like Star, Close Enough to Touch.

six: Metal like Feather like Wing. (Do you see the airplane?)

Hello friends! I spent some time altering these photos and wanted to share them with you. As you know, my life has taken a bit of a detour as my wedding is a mere 2 months away and I've also been invited to submit an exhibition proposal to a curator in San Francisco. (Such sweet news on both fronts, but certainly also distracting to a daily practice of artmaking. But, eek!)

This means my creative time is suddenly forced to be uber efficient and temporarily doesn't allow for the dreamy inspiration I like best--the kind that can wind in and out throughout the week and allows for art-making at its own irreverent pace. However, this too shall pass. For now, I'm indulging in all sorts of wedding designs from invitations to cupcakes to handmade tablecloths (Thanks Mom!) and also very heady and excited about just how to pitch The Dresses/Objects Project to a local gallery. So exciting, indeed.

However, I am still finding pint-sized pockets of time for photographs and poems because these things sustain me. They seem to tether me to the earth in very simple everyday ways when the big projects and deadlines and life happenings want to sweep me away. It's a little trick I learned when I was just a teenager --tiny bits of artwork spread throughout the week. It might just be a page worth of a new poem in my journal on my nightstand, a new design book tucked next to my favorite lamp in the living room, a camera on the kitchen counter with a half-used roll film, or a favorite art blog that serves as my homepage each time I start up my computer. It's these little things that keep me connected to my art parts when life gets busy and big.

I know many of you, like me, also manage day jobs in offices or schools or studios and night jobs where your creative ways can wander. You might even make a living off your artwork but spend half your day filling orders and managing emails and only half your day creating and making. Or maybe you spend 40 hours a week in a creative office of sorts but you tuck the art-making time into the after hours in a home studio. And then you add girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers, husbands, or wives and possibly even elderly parents or little ones of your own. And then you add in dinner and laundry and pets and maybe gardening or your favorite TV show and you have a very packed week, indeed!

But it's this multitasking that inspires me. It's the commitment to the creativity despite everything else. It's the determination and discipline to create the work and refine the work and share the work amidst our busy lives that I think holds a special dose of magic. It's that little voice inside the art-part that says, "I refuse to go away" that just fills me with encouragement and simple delight.

And so, today I share a few photos that pushed their way to the surface last week. I think it was about midnight when I started editing them which inevitably lead to me skipping my morning walk to catch another hour of precious sleep. Well... we make sacrifices, we make amends, we make adjustments, we make art--because what else can we do, really? Happy day, dear friends, I hope you are full and well and certainly inspired.


  1. Anonymous2/17/2009

    okay, pretty big post. but nice

  2. AMEN!
    :-) Dang! This is an amazing post! 1st - congratulations on you marrying soon, and of your exhibition. I wish you all the success and happiness in the world.
    And then ... man! where you inside my head, just then?? :-) I feel completely like that. So busy - with all the details you described, and at the same time I know it is part of the flow. I swear - too much time can clip the wings off the artist in me :-)
    You put it beautifully. Thank you for that, and also for sharing your beautiful images:-)
    Happiness, flow and sunshine your way:)

  3. A very nice way of describing how I feel. I know that sometimes it's easy to let yourself go with life, kids, work, etc. However, I truly try to care about the creative impulse, and when I do, I feel one of those moments of magic that you've described. And I'm really happy with that. Thanks for putting my feelings into words.

  4. how i wish i could be more organized and get as much done as you seem to! i am thinking a bit of a mind-shift is in order for it all to happen. and more project direction, it's coming i can feel it! thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. love the leaves like stars :) looking forward to seeing you soon. xxx.

  6. fabulous colours... so spring has come!

  7. so exciting about the wedding and the curatorial proposal... good luck!

    and i love the berry photos. of course

  8. jaky: thanks for visiting.

    christine: yes, i think sometimes we just have to be in the busyness of life and trust that we are getting to the most important things. especially when it comes to art, a few minutes is so much longer than none! thanks for the warm congrats.

    jamie: thank you.

    esti: those moments of magic are priceless. it's too easy to get swept up in the big life moments and forget the daily practice of creativity. yes, yes.

    laurel: that's funny, i often feel like i don't get enough done on my art to-do list. shifts are good, congratulations on nearing one!

    jenifer: glad you like the stars. and yes, i'll see you soon for art dates!

    roxana: thank you. those photos were actually taken in the winter, but i think the colors were inspired by spring certainly.

    lisa: thank you! it's a very exciting time in my life. the wedding and the art project seem to go hand in hand, in some ways. love to you & your little one.

  9. i love these images together. so beautiful.
    and i nodded at every word about multi tasking that creative time. these past weeks have been so jam packed... i feel like it is the 10 minutes before sleeping when i am quiet with my projects that sustains me.

  10. your bog is so beautiful and packed full of inspiration! wow. what a feast for the eyes. i just today happened upon it.

    and your artistry is wonderful. you inspire me so much! i needed that! recently unemployed with so many artistic interests and not knowing which to pursue, you have inspired me that i don't necessarily have to pursue just one!

    i'm adding this space to my blog roll for sure!

    (ps, congratulations on your recent wedding!)


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