Three Things for Thinking.

One: Searching for wedding ceremony sites in Golden Gate Park.

Two: California poppies dot a hillside.

Three: Poppy bud in the foreground, one orange blossom in the back.

Four: My bike & my boy & his map, wedding site hunting on our bicycles.

Five: Hello, there tidy living room. (A sneak peek at spring cleaning.)

Six: My new favorite book, Apartment Therapy does it again.

Seven: Inspiration abounds. I think this is sfgirlbybay, no?

Eight: Ah, inspiration in the details like that "D".

Nine: Amazingly sparse and warm and wonderful, ooh la la.

Three things seem to be occupying most of my mental space this week. (Okay, so most of my mental space outside of the office or social settings or otherwise usually deemed "down time".)

Thing 1: Our wedding! I didn't realize quite the extent of details involved with planning a social gathering for 70 people and having that social gathering be as ceremonial, ritual, or full of tradition as a wedding! But, we are plugging along and making decisions on a daily basis regarding caterers, decorations, attire, invitations and all the other things that come along with wedding planning.

For example, I never thought I'd be so concerned with designing a wedding favor but it's one of the most difficult tasks! We're trying to maintain a DIY and eco-friendly flare with much of our planning but it's the one place I can't seem to come up with a budget-friendly alternative that is both artful and good for the planet. (Do you have any ideas to go artful and green for 70 guests? If it was summertime I'd be canning 70 jars of strawberry jam. Alas!) Otherwise, I'm scouring junk shops for vintage vases, researching bakers and cake-makers, and designing our invitations like a champion! It's fun. And nutty. And tender. And sweet. And maddening. And wonderful too.

Thing 2: The meeting with the curator went great! He was super interested in the project and invited me to submit a full proposal complete with time line, photographs, and sketches showing how I would use the space. (Hooray, dear dress project, hooray!) I'm eager to create a packet of Dresses/ Objects information complete with a plan to involve other crafters, artists, poets, and workshop opportunities into a big future installation.

The coffee meeting went swimmingly, all my pre-meeting nerves were unnecessary and we chatted quite naturally and he showed interest quite quickly and I am ever-grateful for this opportunity to propose my work. Nothing is written in stone, but it was so fantastic to meet such encouraging words. (See previous post for more details.) I'm brainstorming and considering and re-considering and putting my feelers out there to see just how this project might get even bigger than I had imagined. Oh, heart!

Thing 3: I should just officially deem January and February my interior design months. Yes, I found myself, once again, going through all my belongings and whittling down the clutter until there are empty spaces all over the house, ripe with opportunities for redecorating and dreamy interior design options. I'm also completely in love with the Apartment Therapy design book, Apartment Therapy Presents: Real Homes, Real People--a birthday present to myself--and Domino and Elle Decor magazines don't hurt when it comes to eye candy for rethinking one's home. (Not to mention, too many amazing design blogs to list in one post.)

The best advice? "Focus on what you love, shop in your own house, and blend old with new." I love it. I can't say the spring cleaning is entirely self-motivated. It's White Elephant Sale season here in the Bay Area and that is quite some junking inspiration to make space for a little something new. Okay, then, I'm off to work on this gallery proposal. Send me luck!


  1. poppies and love, the best induced lasting drug on earth, yes!

  2. I love your curtains!! Your living room looks so happy. It's a very satisfying feeling to create your own wedding details, I wish you the best of luck in this wonderful process.

  3. love that yellow coat!

  4. Things look good on your side... I like those poppies and the pictures of the bike hunting of wedding places... And as for the interior designing... All tha beauty just hurts so much, ha, ha... :)

  5. i MUST go to the WES - keep me posted on that one. your wedding will be so so lovely. let me know if you need help with something :)

  6. aww...so sweet! if you get married there can i ride my bike by and blow bubble sat you guys or something? just a thought...

  7. oh how precious...
    i love these little snippets of your life!

  8. mansuetude: i agree, i agree!

    jamie: thank you!

    stash: it's a fun coat, isn't it? i'm somewhat obsessed w/ this shade of yellow and only wish i had matching gloves!

    esti: yes, all the beauty DOES hurt so much when it comes to interior design. for certain!

    jen: yes, the WES should be on your list for sure. it's delightful!

    bonbon: you can certainly blow bubbles at us from your bike! i love it.

    goddess leonie: thanks for visiting. and thank you for your kind comments.


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