A Few Pretty Things.





Hello, friends. I've been intoxicated by spring! There are budding blossoms everywhere and I just want to indulge my environmentalist-want-to-be-naturalist side and take photos of them from every imaginable angle. Perhaps if I photograph them enough I will absorb all their botanical knowledge by some form of artistic osmosis. Gosh, I wish.

Maybe it's the upcoming wedding (nothing short of 2 weeks!) or maybe it's the intoxicating spring or maybe it's this delightful change in Bay Area weather. I'm not sure. I just know that love is in the air and it's intoxicating! My colleague was teasing us this morning that the warm weather made him wear pistachio. (Not the nuts crushed-up in some strange woven fiber but just the color of his sweater.) I agree, it's powerful, that mighty spring.

I hope you do not tire of my spring blossoms. I can't promise that they are over quite yet. I sense a bunch of flowery spring photos about to take me by storm. Not to mention, I have two lovely bouquets of flowers in my kitchen and they are also beckoning to the dear film. So, this weekend I managed to shoot a roll of film on the Holga, a second roll on the vintage Ciroflex and a couple of Polaroids too. While these photos are all waiting for the developing lab or the scanner, I did manage to take a few digital shots too. I hope you enjoy them.

And, because I'm feeling so light and full of springtime love, I wanted to point you to a few favorite things. If you haven't already been wowed by Mrs. French's Bliss blog then you should head on over and take a peek. (She also has a thing for spring blossoms, not to mention some fierce fashion and interior design. Swoon, swoon, swoon.) I also had to share some of this artwork with you, these ladies make me so happy. xoxo, k.

Blue Stitch Print by Lisa Solomon.

Blossoms and Birds by Mrs. French.

Reaching for Your Hope by Heather Smith Jones.

Puppets Print by Alyson Fox.


  1. Anonymous3/26/2009

    lol, they are really nice. The blossoms are around, I love spring.

  2. Hello,
    I can see that you have a "spring post" too...and a lovely blog:)

  3. I agree your blog is lovely.
    Thank you for this beautiful post too with my favorite artists.
    happy spring!!

  4. 2 weeks????
    i bet you can't wait..
    are you nervous?

  5. This post is an all-around treat, filled with wonderful colors, textures and whimsical beauty.

  6. wow, so many groovy things to look at!

  7. thank for the mention - i'm in good company!

  8. what a great roundup of favorites! can't wait to hear all about the great day :)

  9. Oh, my, you've listed some of my favourites too!

  10. All these pretty and charming things are just what I needed to see this lazy afternoon.

    All the best with the forthcoming wedding... 2 weeks!

  11. aww..thanks for sharing everything...spring just snuck right on in didn't it? and i'm really excited about your wedding!!!

  12. oh and loooove mrs. french--the pitcure you chose is so lovely--hard to pick a favorite isn;t it?

  13. I just wanted to come by to thank you for your recent comment on my blog, on the "bless you" post. :)
    I hope you're having a great weekend Katrina.

  14. daily: yes, i love spring too.

    marie-louise: thanks for visiting! and happy spring.

    heather: so nice of you to visit. i just adore your artwork. welcome, here.

    tiny red: yes, i'm a bit nervous. and a lot excited!

    mary-laure: i'm so glad you liked the post, those ladies are just amazing artists.

    ramone: thanks for visiting!

    lisa: you are very, very welcome.

    aimee: the day is approaching quickly, quickly now.

    esti: yes, aren't those ladies delightful?

    gracia: i'm glad you enjoyed the post. lovely things on lazy afternoons are just pefect.

    deb: spring did sneak in. or maybe it declared itself with trumpets around here, actually. delightful. i'm intoxicated by spring.

    heather: you are sweet. i was glad to leave some tender words. i hope your weekend was cozy.

    dear friends: what can i say? you delight me.


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