Photo Shop Update (And More).






Hi friends. I've recently updated my Etsy shop with a few new photos. I'll be uploading more over the next few weeks as I have a bunch of photos that remind me of spring. (Spring, is coming, I promise those of you in the snowy northern states. It's on its way! As is the autumn to my friends in the southern parts of the world. It's that time of the year that's just full of change.) Anyhow, take a peek over here for a few new photo updates.

In other news, I've finally scanned the Holga photos you see here. When I picked them up from the developing lab weeks ago I wasn't so impressed--I'd been hoping for the bold, crisp, bigger-than-life images that come with medium format film. So, I tossed the prints on my desk and forgot about them until this afternoon when I found them again. This time, I decided I liked their soft edges and dreamy uneven ways. There are some amazing Holga groups over on Flickr, that offer endless inspiration. So, for now, I'm interested in these images and looking forward to trying my little Holga again.

It's been quite a week! I handed in the Dresses/ Objects proposal to said dear curator, I hung my N:AperTURE photos in a weekend show in SF, and I even managed to find a few hours for some poetry edits. But the most satisfying thing in the past few days? I organized my file cabinet in my studio! It's like someone came in and offered me this amazing gift by purging things that have been cluttering up my file cabinet and stacking-up on my desk. It's one of the more decadent gifts I've given myself in awhile.

I know, I know-- I could've bought a piece of jewelry on Etsy, found some lovely letterpress cards in a boutique by my office, or even a new pair of leather heels might be nice. But, trust me, this organization is a huge, huge gift and one that will keep on giving for months to come! And with that, I'm off to seal some wedding invitations, grab a cup of ginger tea, and retire for the evening with my latest (and sadly the last) issue of Domino. Oh, and if you're in the Bay Area this weekend, don't forget the White Elephant Sale to benefit the Oakland Museum. It's worth it, I promise.


  1. ooh, I like the dreamy quality too. It seems just right, especially next to your other work these days. I especially like the last 3 as a set. xo

    oh! I wish I could go to the white elephant sale with you! have fun!

  2. Hi Katrina, I dream of that grey beach picture of yours. I'm making it top of my wishlist and hope to be able to afford buying it soon :)

  3. i so need to organize my desk!

    i love the holga fuzz. and the b/w... definitely dreamy

  4. you have been so unbelievably busy/productive - that is awesome :) great holga shots! see ya saturday -- weeeee! excited for the zaniness!

  5. Yes, i am ooooh and awwwing over your holga prints too. They make me feel wistful and quiet.

  6. i like the picture of the dog! and yes, organization is one of the best gifts you can give yourself - i always juggle at least a few messy areas in my house (or car) that paralyze me from getting things done - but after i tackle one of those messes i feel like i can get on with my life!

  7. ambra: thank you for the nudge towards dreaminess-- yes, i think it just fits for me these days.

    esti: to me, that photo will always be your photo. perhaps we should make an art trade?

    lisa: organization is quite an amazing studio gift, i think! i'm glad you like the holga fuzz and the dreamy.

    jenifer: the productive comes in waves, i'm just trying to apply the creative capital model of "work smarter, not harder" which is easier to say than do. so sad i missed you this week. but soon.

    andie: hooray! i haven't been able to post comments on your blog lately. i will try again. so glad you like the holga photos.

    aimee: so true! after i tackle a heap of clutter i always feel better prepared to take on the world. so true, so true.

  8. wow, katrina... that'd be perfect! Send me an email, please, and let's see if we can work something out. Let me know which pieces of mine you like and i'll see if they're still available.


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