Rain, Tea, and an Elevated Toe.











Hello friends, I think I've broken a toe! And I wish I had some epic story to tell about how I was running 10 miles and leaped over a wild turkey and lost my footing on the trail, but it's not that heroic. Sunday afternoon, I tripped getting out of the shower and seemed to mangle the middle toe pretty good. Last night I was all about ice bags and arnica cream but this morning it's quite purple, despite my best efforts. I seem to brake, sprain, or fracture my toes and fingers on a semi-regular basis. I've never broken a major bone (knock on wood) but I've busted up my digits more times than I'd like to admit.

Needless to say, I'm confined to the couch this afternoon aside from short hops to the refrigerator and stove. It rained yesterday and again this morning so I feel somehow cozied-up in my little nest. I did manage to poke my head out the front door and hop up the driveway to check out the flower box and big beautiful raindrops yet to slip off the petals and leaves. I then quickly hobbled back inside to heat up some tea and nibble on a scone. I'm going to edit some poetry this afternoon and maybe finish up a little collage I've been pushing around. I think I'll stick to the story about rounding mile 10 and dodging the wild turkey, it sounds so much more interesting than tripping out of the tub.

PS-- I went to the Handmade Nation screening last week. It was great fun to gather up with Mati, Shash, and Jen for an evening of crafty fun. Not to mention, quite satisfying to hear Lisa Congdon and Stephanie Syjuco speak amongst the post-screening panel. I'm quite sure I've fallen in love with the Little Friends of Printmaking thanks to the film. If the movie comes to your city, go take a peek! It's a great little view into the current American art + craft scene.


  1. flowers - lovely flowers!!!! (here is still winter)

  2. i was at the handmade nation event too! and am also totally smitten with the little friends of printmaking too. i'm also a big nikki mclure appreciator and it was so fabulous to see her in it too!

    i hope your toe heals oh so well so you can get those purdy shoes on them in time!

  3. I hope your toe heals soon.
    The pictures are great, by the way... a contrast to your purple toe maybe?

  4. Sounds like you're having a pretty nice day, despite the busted toe. Beautiful photos...

  5. Anonymous3/19/2009

    Oh your poor toe!! Those are so painful! Glad you resting with tea and still managing to take such lovely photos of spring flowers and rain (and write poetry, you rock).

  6. That sure sounds like a broken toe to me. I did the same thing a year ago by bumping my foot into my drawing portfolio. Ugh...

    Beautiful photos! I am dreaming of spring.

  7. Ai, that must be damn painful! It already hurts so much when you stub your toe... I love the photo series by the way, especially the ones with the table. Take care with the toe!

  8. Those colours! Those sweet blooms!

    Rest up and enjoy your view from couch world, g

  9. how do we get you into http://www.society6.com

    Where the process is as important as the end result.


  10. oh my. i'm so so sorry to hear about your toe...

    i so wanted to go to the HMN event, but alas...

  11. beautiful photos- may the toe get good healing energy and also help you rest... :)

    love the little compass in your other post too, had one in my car once, just like it...

  12. oh dear, your poor little toe! let's have tea post wedding, post road trips; a nice long leisurely afternoon tea that can stretch as long as we like it too :) xxx.

  13. marie-louise: yes, i can't get enough of them!

    vivienne: yes, the handmade nation event was super inspiring. fun to know you were there too!

    esti: i think maybe the flowers were a contrast to my couch-bound toe. indeed! (our trade is in-process, i will print this week. eek!)

    kevin: thank you!

    andie: yes, i was managing to edit poems and take photos with my busted-up toe. but i wanted to be doing so much more!

    amy: ouch, broken toes. they are so amazingly painful for little parts...

    nina: i'm so glad you like the tea photos, i'm addicted to flowers and tea. could be worse, i suppose?

    gracia: i like that phrase "view from the couch". and cheers to colorful blooms.

    justin: that site is new to me, but i'll take a peek. thank you.

    lisa: i wish you could've joined us for the HMN event, maybe next time? enjoy this oakland weather!

    mansuetude: i *love* the idea of a compass in your car. brilliant idea.

    jen: the toe is much better. YES to a tea date that is leisurely and long.

    dear friends: your comments often make my day. thank you for taking interest in my little corner of the world. i adore you!


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