23 Images of a Love Retreat

1. Where we nested.

2. Quite a view, supposedly Georgie O'Keeffe painted that mountain.

3. Sticks and stones.

4. A fallen star, found on the desert.

5. Rain clouds, releasing.

6. And then there was sun.

7. Our venture into the city of Santa Fe.

8. Late evening light, warming.

9. Even here, cherry blossoms sway.

10. Aflutter (of love and loving).

11. You just never know in the spring desert: Unexpected snow.

12. To travel with you, to adventure.

13. Hello, my new husband: Looking.

14. Kiss me in the desert, dusty.

15. Clouds called home by the sunset.

16. White birch: Two trunks reaching for the blue skies, tangle.

17. Shadows and texture and closeness.

18. Resting, to notice.

19. These colors forever and ever.

20. Even cactus bloom/ing.

21. Desert color diptych: My dress, someone else's sunflowers.

22. Each night, we'd return to this: Obama and the mountain sun setting.

23. My sweetie captured this one of me: Capturing a rainbow.

Hello, my dear friends! I feel like I've been a long time gone. My goodness, what an epic and amazingly romantic April. We are officially back from all wedding events including our dear, dear honeymoon. I feel like I've been on a love retreat. Yes, a love retreat! Similar to spending a month at an artist retreat or a few weeks at a spiritual retreat center, I feel I've returned from an intentional land of love. Ah, the romantic gets her way with me, after all. I concur!

I have a handful of pre-wedding photos but I'm going to skip right to the honeymoon photos in this post. I decided, after much deliberation, that I wouldn't try to take photographs on my own wedding day. What, with the reception room to decorate, the champagne to pop open, the bouquets to be bound and tied in ribbon, and a dreamy groom to swoon about, I decided to leave the wedding day photos to someone else. And I'm dying to get them back, oh gosh I just can't wait to see them! In the interim, I hope you'll enjoy this trip down our honeymoon lane.

Life feels alive with promise and opportunity. It's amazing when you check a life event off your major events list: marriage, check. I felt this way when I finished graduate school a few years ago too. Like I'd suddenly just wrapped a pretty red bow around a major event in my life and I could briefly look around at the other life events and think, "Okay, which one of you is up next?" I'm afloat with ideas about my studio life, my personal life, and my new married life too.

At some point during the wedding reception, I felt as if my sweetheart and I were physically being held up by a criss-crossing of hands. As if all 62 guests had been asked to cross their wrists and lock hands with their closest neighbor; making a criss-crossing of platforms for us to stand on. It was as if we were suspended by their love and support. Lifted. Held. Kept buoyant by this incredibly generous and gifted and loving community. As if, for just a few hours, we were physically closer to the stars, a few feet higher off the ground than usual, levitating on a love web. Yes, my dear friends, I feel aflutter.

More news soon! It's good to be back too, and find my familiar studio surroundings coated with a new shimmery sense of possibility. Happy day to you. After 10 years, my mister and I are now officially wed. Wahooey! (xoxo, k.)


  1. so perfect. i love these photos. i think we must have sped right past you in the desert; we saw snow, heat, hail & a double rainbow for outrunning the tornado i think :) it sounds like a perfect love retreat!

  2. dearest katrina! i've been thinking about you guys. congratulations! so sorry i missed your beautiful day. i've always thought you guys compliment each other in the best way. best wishes to your new married life together. much love, k in japan

  3. this sounds so beautiful and romantic and lovely. so glad that you two had a wonderful love retreat! welcome to married life-- it is pretty fabulous :) xo

  4. what a trip!

    fantastic photography.

  5. these are so beautiful and i'm so happy for you two. wonderfulness of wonders.

  6. Anonymous4/28/2009


    i like seeing the up close kiss and the birch trees as a diptych :)

  7. I loved those photos. They were so happy and telling of the occasion. Beautiful... and congratulations!

  8. I have a sweet spot for romantic stories, and this post just sounds like one. And your pictures create the perfect mood here. Thanks for sharing.

  9. your story and photos made my day! a honeymoon in new mexico... sigh! how perfect!

  10. jen: what a wonderful thought "we must have sped right past you in the desert". i love it.

    kaori: hello, my faraway friend! so nice to have you visit here. thank you, for your kind wishes.

    amisha: thank you! it was a wonderful love retreat, for certain.

    georgia: thank you.

    laurel: oh, thank you dear laurel. how kind.

    ambra: hooray for up-close kisses and birch trees too.

    jamie: thank you so much!

    esti: i definitely have a sweet spot for romance. why not!?! thank you for your kind words, as always, dear friend.

    aimee: aw, how kind! thank you.

  11. oh! these are SOOOOOO romantic and beautiful and wow..thanks for taking us along...i can see why you posted these first!
    Where is that and can i live there? i am sooo ready to go. wow again.
    wedding pictures next please!

  12. Anonymous5/03/2009

    You could post a zillion stunning pics like these but the "Kiss me in the desert, dusty"


  13. deb: hooray for romance! i'm a hopeless romantic at heart, it's true. these photos are mostly outside of abiquiu, NM which is about an hour oustide of santa fe, NM. remote high desert country. yum. wedding photos soon, waiting on my dear photographer.

    andie: hello, dear friend! i have tried to visit your blog several times in the last month and haven't been able to find you. are you still blogging? i *love* your comment, "stole.the.show" how wonderful! kiss, kiss...


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