Going to the Chapel of Love!

My dear friends, after 10 years of partnership, we are going to be married at the end of this week! My goodness! I've been swimming in details for the past few months and I want to share a few of these things with you before I walk off into the sunset for a little while. In so many ways, this wedding has been our big collaborative art project since January. There are design elements; green, eco-friendly elements; indie, DIY elements; and challenging and gratifying moments just like any other creative project. But, of course, there's just one difference--this project is my wedding!!! So fun.

Here's a bit of a sneak peek. I really wanted to incorporate old family wedding photos into our reception. So I've opted for these vintage family gems (below). I'm scanning, resizing, and printing to fit various thrifted, gold, vintage frames. These little lovelies will sit on the tables and cheer us on as we cut our own little cake, take our own first married kisses, and share glances like these across the room. Our parents:

(My Mom and Dad: Let Love Reign.)

(Elation and Confetti: My parents leaving the church.)

(So Sweet It Is: My mama and papa.)

(My mister's parents, "Just Married".)

(Something to Toast About: My mister's side.)

Oh, they are so dear! The cars, the gowns, the glances and kisses and first firsts. Makes me all warm inside, all that love to fill up the room. But let's admit: the darling is in the details! And so, I've managed to round up some of the darlingest crafters to make our big day pretty. The wedding has developed a theme of black & white damask with bursts of bright yellow (Little bits of sunshine that sing, "I do!"). All photos are courtesy of the crafters' websites and online shops:

1. This cake topper makes my heart ruffle its little feathers.
Perfection, by Melabo. (It's Easter weekend, after all.)

2. I'll be adorned with feathers and flowers by Brenda's Bridal Veils.

3. Although, this black feather headband by Vie Moderne
was a close second. I'll save it for another time.

4. Adorable vintage earrings by Sprout Studio.
(So delicate and sweet. Thank you, Jen!)
5. Guestbook by Enji Beck. (The paper is so beautiful, good grief.)

6. And my mister bought me the most lovely gift from Bonbon Oiseau.
(Thank you, Deb. It's gorgeous!)

With an intimate gathering of just 60 folks, we'll be keeping the circle small that day but that didn't stop us from joining crafty forces with the best of them, including my dear mother. I've assembled an army of white vases from various thrift stores and I decided this would be my personal crafty moment-- the flowers. I've decided to assemble them all. Yes, the boutonnieres will be made the night before and stashed in my refrigerator. And my dearest, oldest friend has agreed to twist and tuck and fluff flowers like a pro. We'll be making 6 bouquets, 12 boutonnieres, and close to 30 arrangements for the tables at the reception. Oh, joy!

And a few little green tips I found out along the way: You can buy recycled gold wedding bands at places like this; You can order a bridesmaids dress instead of a bridal gown for a fraction of the cost; You can forgo the wedding favors and offer something like handmade sweets or vases full of local flowers; If you live someplace as green friendly as the Bay Area, you can find organic and sustainable caterers like these folks and these folks too; You can cut down on a fair amount of paper by corresponding on blogs, websites, and emails.

My bouquet will be something like this.
(Here, my maid of honor does the honors.)

And the bridesmaids will carry something like this one.

And my dear, dear mother has made many tablecloths
from this black & white damask fabric. (Thank you, Mom!)

The centerpieces will be a mix of sunflowers, ronunculous, gerber daisies,
calla lilies, and a few different greens.

The groomsmen and parents and musicians and poets will wear something very close to this. (That chamomile is from our garden!)

(Hello there, my dear. Soon, soon.)

And so. With that, I am going to sign off for a little bit. Ooooooh, dear friends, wish me luck! We'll be sharing our love in poetry and song and dance and dinner and photography and all sorts of romance and libations! The wedding is just five days away. I feel so excited. And nervous. And excited. And nervous. And mostly excited and full of romance and abundance and joy and discovery and courage and adventure. So, I will see you in about two weeks from today. Post-ceremony. Post-honeymoon. Oh yes, we'll be taking one week away in a little house tucked away in a little town in the high desert of New Mexico. I promise to take a zillion photographs and share them with you when we return.

Okay then, here I go...


  1. Anonymous4/07/2009

    i hope you have the most beautiful, wonderful day! congratulations!

  2. congratulations!
    I love that gift from your sister. The old images, the kissing in the car, the whole post, a journey you shared ... excellently enjoyed.

    Easter marriages are a sorta tradition in my family. :)

  3. Good Luck!! I wish you a happy day...and a lovely life together!!!!!!!

  4. Oh boy! This is so exciting! I am so happy for you. I love those earrings you have, and your necklace and the groomsmen's feather...so many lovely details. You are going to have SO much fun! (-: Here's to your wedding and a life of love!!

  5. laura: thank you! i'm so excited.

    mansuetude: yes, yes. the kissing in old vintage cars also tugs on my heartstrings. and i *love* knowing you have an easter marriage tradition. seems we've joined your ranks!

    marie-louise: thank you so much! "a lovely life together" i like the sounds of it.

    jamie: oh how sweet of you! thank you for your cheers and kind words.

  6. congratulations! I wish you love and endless happiness!

  7. Marcie4/08/2009

    Yippee! I wish, wish, wish I could be there. Can't wait to see pictures.

  8. wow, how exciting katrina!!!
    wishing you all the best and please share the pictures! :::)

  9. so sad to miss it!!!
    but i can hardly wait for the stories, photos, words....it's going to be so magical, katrina!!

  10. Congratulations!

    Everything in this post is just exquisite!

    I hope you'll share some pics with us next week?

  11. esti: thank you! "endless happiness" sounds divine.

    marcie: i wish you were here too. but yes, photos to follow. and wedding to lead!

    tiny red: thank you for the well wishes.

    kelly rae: yes, i wish you could be here. but stories to follow. xoxo.

    mary-laure: thank you, thank you!

    dear friends: i'm full of love and light. so exciting!

  12. Congrats! Hope you have a wonderful life together.
    My 12th anniversary is on the 12th - Easter Sunday. How cool is that?

    Peace & Love,

  13. congratulations!! i hope that you are having a fabulous newlywed weekend right now!! :)

  14. chris: thank you for the sweet wishes. and that's wonderful that your anniversary is just a day away from my wedding. congrats!

    amisha: thank you. we are heading off to our honeymoon week in just a few hours. i can't wait...


  15. hoooray!!!!!!! i am so excited and all of your lovely details loook so wonderful! hope it all goes beautifullly (i know it will!), have a magical few weeks my dear and can't wait to see the pics when you get back!

  16. Hurrah! Hurrah! It all looks swell... and I am sure you had a magical day... xo

  17. Anonymous4/22/2009

    So, so happy for you!!! I hope you are still celebrating in marital bliss as I type this.

    Your wedding is so you, artful, beautiful, creative and on and on...


  18. oh i canNOT wait to see photos - & catch up with you sweet lady. xxx.

  19. by now, the soul link is officially tied... enjoy!

    why do i suddenly want a slice of cake?

  20. deb: thank you for your love and excitement. it was a magical few weeks, for certain.

    gracia: hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! and thank you.

    andie: thank you! marital bliss, i had no idea but it's so true. xoxo.

    jenifer: i can't wait to show you photos. and to catch up soon!

    mansuetude: "the soul link is officially tied" my goodness, how poetic. and i'm so glad you are craving cake! how perfect.

    dear friends: thank you, thank you, thank you. i'm full of X's and O's: xoxooxoxoh, k.


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