More New Mexico: Cloudscapes & Close-Ups

1. Snowflakes and fingertips.

2. Movement, maybe.

3. I can see for miles and miles!

4. Woodwork/ing.

5. To keep us warm with.

6. Moody evening sky, I wonder by.

7. To wake you.

8. Self-portrait of a poet, making.

9. Something quiet, like thinking.

10. To remember.

Hi there, friends. I just couldn't help myself. I had to edit a few more photos from our honeymoon trip to New Mexico and share them here, with you. So this is my little secret extra post this week because I'm floating and dreaming and bouncing in images of the desert. This little set includes two of my all-time favorite things to photograph: cloudscapes and close-ups. I have one more little NM photo treat in-store for next week. Then I'll most likely turn my gaze back to the California homestead, a few upcoming shows, some good studio news, and anything else that inspirations. Happy weekend to you! (xoxo, k.)


  1. Those clouds! That sky! How I long to go there and see similar.

    Thanks for the heady visuals, g xo

  2. I love your trip pictures. Please, don't let any of them stay in a drawer. i'd love to see them all.

  3. I'm loving your photos! I went to New Mexico about this time last year, and we did not get snow! Incredible. Looks like you had a wonderful time, looking forward to more : )

  4. gracia: i just can't get enough of the sky. i suppose it's the dreamer in me. glad you like the clouds too.

    esti: thank you! how kind. i was wondering just how many new mexico photos i could show on one blog. glad to know you're still wanting more. so sweet.

    laura: what fun! i love knowing you were in new mexico this time, last year. such an intense part of the country, i just love it there.

  5. congratulations, dear Katrina (even if belatedly): such MARVELOUS pictures, i can't even tell which ones I love most... I went yesterday through all the posts that I had missed, such a delight...

  6. Wow, what a cinematographic, mysterious landscape! I've really enjoyed looking at your honeymoonpics (and congratulations!). It must've been a great area for long walks and being close to one another! Please post a few more pictures!

  7. roxana: thank you for your kind wishes. hardly belated at all. i feel like all of april was our wedding! glad you enjoyed the photos.

    nina: yes, it's a mysterious landscape for certain. but so inspiring too. that sky just doesn't quit. thank you for your kind words!

  8. yes, i can see from the images how happy you guys are!!! hurrray :)))


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