Be Brave: Sun tea, herbs, and a summertime garden.

1. Peering into the potatoes.

2. Ladybug visits the chamomile.

3. A gardener and his goods.

4. Chamomile, high in the sky.

5. Just a little radish.

6. As the sage grows.

7. Garden guests & plant identification.

8. Butterflies and potato leaves in the afternoon sun.

9. A little something, from me to you.

Hello friends. I'm bursting at the seams with sun-filled magic at the onset of hot summery days. So much growing in the garden and in the studio. I wanted to share these two things:

1. SUN TEA & MY MOTHER-- We made a batch of sun tea this weekend and I was instantly transported to 25 years ago: My mother in a sleeveless, flowery sundress that hung just below her knees; rural, western New York state, about 95 degrees, the air was humid and sticky and thick; dogs and kids scurrying around my mother's feet, chickens in the backyard, the garden bursting with tomatoes and cucumbers and squash; my mother carried a huge glass pitcher out the front door, opened the screen to the porch with her barefoot, walked quickly across the hot stones and set the huge pitcher of light brown water onto the picnic table directly in the sun. This weekend I realized: The magical powers of sun-brewed black tea are possibly divine.

2. BE BRAVE: I submitted my photos to an exhibition on Friday. I debated for a few hours and then my decision came down to two words in an email from a friend: Be brave. I think I'll make myself a little sign with those two words and tack it over my desk. Those two little words, "Be brave" just completely sealed the deal. Photos selected, application completed, and I hit "send". Sometimes I just need a little loving nudge to help me through my last minute jitters.

Peace to you, dear friends, it's summertime here in Oakland and the bulging garden certainly proves it. Sun-kissed wishes to you... xoxo, k.


  1. soo much happening--love these pictures my friend and good good luck with the submission...yes. be brave!

  2. Great photos, and great garden! Thanks for your lovely blog.

  3. lovely photos; cannot wait until we find an appropriate back yard date & wander oak town time :) i think i could tattoo those words on my wrist. i'm serious, "be brave" in a lovely little scrolling font...hmmmm...!

    fingers crossed for application!

  4. delightful! thanks for the reminder to 'be brave' - sometimes i need that boost!

  5. deb: yes, busy busy almost summer. thank you for the kind words!

    kevin: aw, thank you. how kind.

    jenifer: we are in love with our little urban garden. yes, you must come visit in person! i love the idea of a "be brave" pretty wrist tattoo.

    aimee: yes, i think we all need to remember those two tender words, "be brave". so true.

  6. oh your photos have me so excited for summer and sun tea! congrats on the grant, too!

  7. jen: hooray, summer and sun tea all around! and thanks for your kind words about the grant. xoxo, k.


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