A Bit of Good News



Good news! I've been awarded an individual artist grant from The Puffin Foundation! They've accepted my proposal and will generously support a fashion photo shoot, directed by yours truly, in the late summer/ early fall 2009. Eep! I'm tickled.

I'll be creating a simulated "high-fashion photo shoot" with live models in the dresses from The Dresses/ Objects Project. In preparation, I'll build a customized seamless backdrop, find myself some willing models, and scout out a lovely outdoor setting along the coast. I pitched the idea as phase two of a three-phase project, realizing that this phase will position me towards an installation at the end. Indeed, they agreed to help me complete this phase. Eep, eep!

I can't wait to stage this photo shoot, I'm off to tear favorite fashion images out of glossy magazines for inspiration. Thank you, The Puffin Foundation! I'm thrilled.


  1. Very cool. I will definitely want to cover this for FUZZ. Please keep me posted.


  2. Anonymous5/22/2009

    Congrats! That is fantastic news!

  3. this is wonderful! you so deserve it!

  4. Anonymous5/25/2009

    yahooey! persistent vision, persistence and vision!

    I love those ttv shots with the dress! Makes me wish my dress had stayed in the grays more. Though I am sure you will do something so fab with your photoshoot.

    Congrats and thanks for having me. :)

  5. Congrats! How exciting! I want to see all the process, oh please, document every bit of it!!

  6. chris: thank you, chris. what a fun idea! i will certainly keep you posted.

    laura: thank you, dearness!

    alyson: aw, thanks so much. and thanks for visiting too!

    ambra: yes, yes i am keeping on, keeping on with this beloved project. slow & steady until completion. thank YOU for making one incredibly divine handmade dress.

    esti: oh, how sweet. i will certainly document the process. thank you for asking! i'm hoping to take the photos in august or september, so much fun!

    dear friends: thank you, thank you. your bits of encouragement are sweet little stars shining down. kisses to you...

  7. HOORAY FOR YOU!!!! That's great news and well deserved!

  8. deb: thank you! i was thrilled by the good news. now i have to plan out the photo shoot and design the backdrop. eep!


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