Take My Hand or Dance With Me in the Desert, Dusty.

My dear friends: Dance with me in the desert, dusty! This is my last planned photo shoot of our honeymoon trip to the far reaches of the NM desert. Oh, I hope you enjoy. I think I saved the best for last, I'm curious to see if you agree.

My sweetie and I have a tradition of photo shoots on long windy roads on long windy road trips. We created our first series in 2002 on our 4-month road trip from CA to NY. And we did it again when we drove back from NY to CA in 2005. We've also managed to set-up a handful of photo shoots on shorter road trips around the NE and SW and West Coast. (And a few more I'm skipping on trips to Hawaii, France, England, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. I admit it, we're hooked!) It's a tradition, at this point. Something about the expanse of sky. The lack of traffic. The opportunity to set a tripod in the middle of the road and dance away.

*Thank you* for indulging me with your love and good wishes through our wedding planning and honeymoon process. I can safely say, I've never had such a romantic spring in my 32 years of being. It was as if all the daffodils and tulips bloomed around me all at once. All of April was daffodils and tulips and poppies blooming, wherever we went. Even in the desert, the cactus were blooming against that brilliant blue sky as if to whisper, "Dance with me in the desert, dusty". And so we did.


  1. i completely agree that you saved the best for last! these are so magical! i love that you do middle of the road photoshoots together...so romantic!

    the biggest congrats to you both!

  2. I love the pics!! What an awesome tradition you two have!!! xoxo

  3. these are so happy and absolutely wonderful! more more!

  4. Oh my! This is just the most perfect post. Your words and your photos poetic and wonderful wonderful.
    Congratulations, you two :-) and all the happiness in the world to you.

    This made me so happy:-))
    and I love all the pictures - from the flowers, to the parents (can't stop smiling)

  5. Anonymous5/06/2009

    I love this last post. We can all see the true energy and excitment of your love!! You have a happy life ahead for you, my dear! - beth herbst

  6. Romance is alive and well! A beautiful way of sharing it with us!

  7. Loving the blue... loving the sweetness... and loving the happy couple, all loved-up and silly (in the best possible way).

  8. Really, really cool series.

  9. The pictures are so beautiful. All the love shows through. Its quite an unusual and wonderful tradition I must say. I think I shall do the same but for now I need to wait to get married :P

  10. these are gorgeous!! thanks for sharing this magical moment of your life with us! :)

  11. it's so breathtaking, Katrina. tears. of happiness.

  12. oh! i get flutters in my stomach just looking at your beauty. You guys are such a wonderful pair, and I love getting to see this much of your honeymoon romance retreat through these photos. Truly inspiring in every way. Thank YOU!

  13. katrina, those photos are beeeeeautifuuuul!!!!!!!

  14. vivienne: thank you, thank you. i'm glad you enjoy.

    kristen: it's a fun tradition, for sure. the quiet dirt roads just seem to ask for it.

    deb: a happy little heart, indeed.

    christine: oh joy, thank you for the joy. it's contagious!

    beth: thank you for visiting! and for such kind words. "a happy life ahead for you" i like the sounds of that.

    jamie: oh joy!

    gracia: blue skies and all loved up and silly. (smile.)

    chris: thank you...

    jazzlamb: it's a quirky and fun tradition for sure. and we started it about 10 years ago, about 10 years before we were married!

    esti: thank you!

    aimee: thanks for sharing with me...

    roxana: oh, hooray.

    ambra: oh, big happy hearts to you, my dear faraway friend.

    tiny red: thank you!!!


  15. Amazing, amazing photos! Well done!

  16. aaaaahhhhh!
    such a SWEET post!
    *love* is a beautiful thing.
    especially in the desert!


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