Yellow, Pink, Brown, and Dusk.






I have a new color palette this week: Instead of blue skies I'm saturated with mustard yellows, palest pinks, dusty browns, and the low-light of dusk. It's so exciting when the palette shifts and suddenly the entire world of artmaking is new again. Amazing, right? The effect of color?

I took over 200 photos this weekend (!!!) and I'm slowly editing through and reflecting on all the weekend's themes: moody sunsets, heaps of laundry, tangles of jewelry, delightful garden guests, a big red plastic ball, and a long hike to the seashore. I think this little batch of photos tells a story about the weekend that I quite like. Funny-- that girl was not in that field with those flowers and that horse wasn't a guest in our garden, but somehow this made-up world makes more sense. I love when that happens--when we get to pick the various parts and make-up a new story instead.

Is it just me, or is the month of May already remarkably busy? I am currently challenging myself with 3 art applications due in 3 weeks and one group show in June that has inspired a new handmade book. The dreamy days of our honeymoon have given way to a buzzing month of May and it's making quite a lovely mess of my studio, indeed. (I'll show you photos of the new book when it's further along, right now it's a series of ribbons, grommets, book board, and tiny deer antlers). In the meantime, a few rosy-colored photos and made-up stories to start the week.



  1. Anonymous5/12/2009

    I LOOOOOOOVE these photos. It is soo true that we can renew everything it seems in the heartbeat of a change in palette. These are so very dreamy, I would gladly plaster my bedroom with them!

    I am having an ephemera giveaway, thought you would be interested!

  2. great pictures. I like the light a lot. and I totally agrre with you on made up stories...

  3. Hi Katrina-
    Could you email me, chrisbrownrefueled@gmail.com, I'd like to talk to you about one of your photos.

    Thanks. Peace & Love.


  4. I was away from your blog for a bit - and look what I missed! Beautiful, and congratulations.

  5. oh Katrina, they are so beautiful!!! it is truly like a fairy-tale, such magic... and the soft light... especially the first three are breathtaking.

  6. I agree, May has already gotten so busy! And it's my birthday month so I was hoping for a calm, carefree month. No chance! Can't wait to see more photos.

  7. ambra: thank you, lovely. the pink & browns just totally shifted my moods.

    esti: there's something magical in made-up stories, so it seems. taking little parts from here and there to create a new whole. i love it.

    chris: very fun! thank you, thank you. i can't wait to see it.

    kevin: what a kind comment. i'm glad you came back for a visit.

    roxana: yes, like a fairytale! that sums it up perfectly. i think i'll use that thinking to edit the rest of the bunch. thank you for your insight.

    kelly: hooray! thank you.

    jen: hi there. welcome to my blog. thanks for visiting...


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